Indigenous Peoples of the World Reaffirm their Anti-imperialist Struggle in Bolivar

Patricia Martínez
On October 30th, the cycle of presentations of the First International Meeting of Native Peoples took place in the state of Bolivar with the participation of 18 countries.

The vice-president of International Affairs of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Adán Chávez, recalled in his speech the struggle led by commander Hugo Chávez in favor of the native peoples, with whom he signed an act of commitment.

“Before the revolution, indigenous people were invisible, despised, subjected to discrimination and terrible persecution. You have had a struggle for years seeking recognition and we have accompanied you. Chávez’s project was to bring about change in the country by directly committing himself to the indigenous peoples and making their rights a reality through the Constitution. Many were against including a special chapter on indigenous peoples but justice was imposed and today their rights are respected, which have been concretized through laws passed in revolution. A powerful integration plan must emerge from this meeting to advance. The Bolivarian alliance for our America must go further with the true participation of organized peoples,” he said.

In the framework of the International Year of Indigenous Languages, Nicaraguan indigenous Maritza Centeno said that “we want to tell the empire that we educate ourselves in our own languages, under our own cosmovision and that we grow up thinking that a new dawn is possible only under progressive and supportive governments like that of Nicolás Maduro; in this meeting we set a strong position in defense of our true roots”.

In the matter of decolonization, Mario Itzep, representative of Guatemala, said “we have to build a new society which implies a profound reform of the educational system. To dismantle colonization entails a great task to maintain our millenary culture”.

Finally, PSUV Vice President for Indigenous Peoples, Aloha Núñez, highlighted the struggle led by the bases for the formation of the United Indigenous Movement of Venezuela.

“We have a path, vision and clarity as revolutionaries; humbly from Venezuela we offer this experience as an example to be repeated worldwide with the full political will of the original peoples in order to form a powerful world organization with the incorporation of all the original peoples. Now we must define a work agenda so that next year we can have our founding congress. It is Chavez’s dream, it is the dream of all of us, the moment is now,” he said.