Final Declaration of the First International Meeting of Communes, Social Movements and People’s Power

Last Friday, October 18, the First International Meeting of Communes, Social Movements and People’s Power was held in Caracas as part of the fulfillment of the agreements reached in the last meeting of the Sao Paulo Forum, with a representation of communal members from Venezuela coming from the 3173 Communes currently registered in the country and representatives from 27 countries from the 4 continents (America, Europe, Africa, Asia). During these three days, working tables, assemblies, cultural and experience exchanges took place and on Saturday, October 19, a march took place with which the participants expressed their support for the Bolivarian Revolution within the framework of the celebration of the 7th anniversary of the ” Coup de Timon ” decreed by Commander Hugo Chávez.

At the time of publication of this report, the closing ceremony took place with the presence of President Nicolás Maduro who began his remarks by expressing that “the heart, the soul of the Bolivarian Project are the Communes, the People’s Power”.

Correo del Alba was also present at the event where we were able to learn about various communal productive experiences that presented and offered their products, as well as exchanges with different alternative and community media and, of course, with national and international representatives.

We offer below the final declaration that was endorsed in the General Assembly today and delivered to President Nicolás Maduro:


For Peace and Leading Democracy


The militants gathered in the city of Caracas, capital of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, on the occasion of the “I International Congress of Communes, Social Movements and People’s Power”, after all deliberations we have reached the following conclusions:

The world is going through a defining moment. U.S. imperialism intends to maintain its supremacy in order to impose neoliberalism. Its geopolitical plans conceived to subdue the peoples and prevent the strengthening of the emerging powers, threaten the life, peace and self-determination of the peoples. This is because the model of human coexistence, contained in neoliberalism, defended by the White House, has as its epicenter the accumulation of capital.

In this sense, the current international order has been modeled on the neo-colonial policy of imperialism, which is accompanied by the creation of supranational organizations that undermine national sovereignty, promote the minimum state proper to neoliberalism, endanger democracy, impose unilateral thinking, threaten the political participation of the popular sectors, and consequently endanger the existence of Communes, Social Movements and Organizations of People’s Power.

The elites have understood the importance of popular organizations in the struggle of the peoples. The strategic relevance of the Social Movements and the People’s Power has been evidenced in Our America in the construction of the correlation of classes and social forces that allowed both resistance to neoliberalism and the emergence of the cycle of progressive governments that deepened democracy in the region and with it, the strengthening of popular organizations. In other words, because of the contribution of the Communes, Social Movements and People’s Power in the construction of a multicentric and pluripolar world, these instances constitute a strategic challenge to the interests of the U.S. government. Unilateral coercive measures and military plans, the preferred mechanisms of U.S. imperialism, are aimed mainly at overcoming the resistance of the peoples. The Non-Conventional War assumed by the Pentagon calls for multiple forms of aggression that attempt to modify the political behaviour of the peoples and primarily, to defeat the diverse forms of struggle assumed by the popular vanguard that defends sovereignty, peace, the dream of a society of equals, the preservation of the planet and life.

In this order of ideas, both narco-paramilitarism and the judicialization of popular leaderships are fascist practices adopted by governments aligned with Washington in order to stop the materialization of an alternative project to capitalism in its neoliberal stage. In other words, these stateless governments are trying to stop the emergence of a new way of understanding life, coexistence and the relationship between human beings and nature, which is already germinating in the Communes, Social Movements and People’s Power.

From this perspective, popular experiences of self-government are erected in anti-systemic practices that restore power to the People at the same time as underpinning hope to fight for a different world. For this reason, the human relations that develop there, conceived from a new ethical-cultural framework, are an important form of resistance to the plots of oppression of capitalism, an emancipatory project before the bourgeois state and a different way of understanding politics in accordance with the society of the future.

In tune with a new political conception, the popular and alternative communication assumed by the Communes, Social Movements and the Popular Power, is outlined as an important referent to project a different model as opposed to the indoctrination developed by the cultural industry of capitalism. It is a battle of ideas between two models that is waged in each neighbourhood, hamlet, community, sector or work centre which plays the most important role; the self-determination of peoples and their legitimate right to adopt the political and social system of their choice without interference by any power. Consequently, it can be affirmed that the Communes, Social Movements and Organizations of People’s Power embody a decolonial culture aimed at overcoming the different forms of domination defended by the powerful.

In the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the participatory and protagonist democracy instituted with the national constitution of 1999 has created conditions for the flourishing of a new way of doing politics that is concretized in a diversity of social movements and organizations of popular power. In the construction of an alternative model of human coexistence, the Communes deserve special mention as a formula for the organization of life in community that creates new power relations and turns politics into a collective activity. The Commune is the central proposal of Commander Hugo Chávez to transform society, the essence of the liberating project gestated in Venezuela and a substantive contribution to the international struggle for a deeper democracy.

The Communal Society as the central thesis of Bolivarian Socialism projects a new order marked by social justice. Thanks to its consubstantial model of social inclusion, together with the country’s considerable wealth, the Bolivarian Revolution is a subversive referent that is perceived as a danger by the U.S. government and the elites of the continent. This explains the constant threat of military intervention against Venezuela and the permanent attempt to overthrow the Bolivarian Government headed by Constitutional President Nicolás Maduro Moros.

Not knowing that the Revolution has been legitimized in twenty-five (25) electoral processes, imperialism inspired by the Monroe Doctrine, utilizes the OAS, created the Lima Group, is attempting to impose a puppet government, is implementing a genocidal economic-financial blockade against the Venezuelan people, uses narco-paramilitarism, encourages war through the Colombian government, supports the Venezuelan opposition and works to destabilize Venezuela.

It should be noted that this aggression seeks not only to eradicate the example of popular participation signified by the Bolivarian Revolution. It is also oriented towards the geopolitical control of the continent based on the plundering of its natural wealth. Therefore, this Congress understands that the aggression against Venezuela is part of a continental offensive of imperialism that includes Cuba, Nicaragua and Bolivia, as well as the Social Movements and Organizations of People’s Power in the region that promote an alternative to neoliberalism. Therefore, democracy, self-determination of peoples, regional peace and the future of the American continent are at stake in Venezuela.

In this context, the “First International Congress of Communes, Social Movements and People’s Power” hereby declares:

To express our solidarity with the Indigenous Peoples, Peasants, Social Movements and organizations of People’s Power that fight against neoliberalism in Ecuador and demand their legitimate right to build the socio-political model of their choice. We demand an end to the repression against the Ecuadorian people, indigenous communities and leaders of the Citizens’ Revolution.

Accompany the popular mobilizations of the people of Chile in the defense of their rights in the face of the neoliberal policy that harms the quality of life of its population. We condemn repression and the use of force to silence their legitimate claims.

Support the struggles of the Haitian people for their social demands and their legitimate demands in the face of the grave political, economic and social situation derived from anti-popular decisions.

Denounce the non-compliance with the “Havana Peace Accords” by the Government of Ivan Duque, as well as the selective assassination of social leaders and ex-combatants at the hands of the Colombian State.

Condemn the economic-financial blockade and other unilateral coercive measures implemented by the government of the United States against the peoples in order to impose their interests.

Accompany the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and especially its Communes, Social Movements and Organizations of People’s Power in their struggle for peace and the sacred right to self-determination.

Demand the cessation of state terrorism against popular leaders of the world and the immediate liberation of the judicialized leaders for fighting against imperialism and its neoliberal model.

Condemn the monopolization of seeds by companies like Monsanto, Bayer and Syngenta that cause irreparable damage to the environment, diseases and soil erosion.

Reject the use of military force against the nations that raise anti-imperialist flags in the world, as well as repudiate the presence of NATO and US military bases in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Likewise, the “First International Congress of Communes, Social Movements and People’s Power” agrees to make its own the spirit of the “Final Declaration of the XXV Meeting of the Sao Paulo Forum” adopted in the city of Caracas in July 2019. Consequently, we approve the following Plan of Struggle:

1. To reunite the “I International Congress of Communes, Social Movements and People’s Power” in the country where the Sao Paulo Forum will be held. The International Congress of Communes, Social Movements and People’s Power will have its headquarters in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and will have a Promoting Commission for its organization as well as for the follow-up to the present decisions.

2. To constitute an International Confederation of Communes, Social Movements and People’s Power articulated in accordance with this plan of struggle and which will have the “International Congress of Communes, Social Movements and People’s Power” as the highest decision-making body.

3. Consolidate a structure and rules of operation of the Congress to give continuity to the meetings of the Social Movements and People’s Power during these two years, in the regions of South America, Central America, the Caribbean, North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

4. To create an International Network of Popular and Alternative Communication that involves radio, television, murals, networks, video conferences, informative bulletins that bring us closer each day to the struggles against imperial domination, in addition to generating and disseminating content in different languages to project the proposals of the Communes, Social Movements and Organizations of People’s Power.

5. The creation of the International People’s Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEIPAL), based in Venezuela, with the purpose of studying and articulating the economic, productive and technological efforts of the People’s Power in the world. CEIPAL will focus on the development and application of cryptomedas and cryptoactives as a monetary mechanism for financing, saving, commercialization and analysis of barter between Communes, Social Movements and People’s Power.

6. Propose the International Institute for Higher Studies of the Bolivar-Chavéz People’s Power as a center of convergence of training systems, educational institutions and specialization spaces for political cadres, social leaders, community producers, spokespersons and militants to raise levels of awareness, knowledge and knowledge in the areas of economy, production, organization, security and defense.

7. To develop militant solidarity among peoples, their organizations and popular power, through concrete mechanisms of exchange of productive economic experiences of the Communes, Social Movements and Organizations of Popular Power.

8. Create a library or digital database of projects, plans, agrifood formulas and ancestral knowledge, collected from the Communes, Social Movements and organizations of People’s Power.

9. Promote a Center for the Protection and Reproduction of Native Seeds to ensure the agrifood sovereignty of the peoples, the preservation of life and the salvation of the planet.

To conclude, the “First International Congress of Communes, Social Movements and People’s Power” assumes the agenda of struggle adopted by the “First International Meeting of Workers in Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution” and endorsed by the “First International Congress of Women”, both held in Caracas during 2019, which consists of the following:

1. To call for an anti-imperialist strike on November 5, 2019 (anniversary of the IV Summit of the Peoples of Mar de Plata 2005) and other activities.

2. Coordinate in the capitals of the world on December 9, 2019, the day of the commemoration of the Battle of Ayacucho, against the interferenceist policies of U.S. imperialism in Our America. ( NO MÁS TRUMP/ NO MORE TRUMP)

3. To hold an international day of mobilization in support of the Bolivarian Revolution and against neoliberalism on February 27, 2020 (Commemoration of the 31st anniversary of the first popular insurrection in Caracas against neoliberalism).

4. Convene a world mobilization for peace in Venezuela, in Our America and against the war plans of the US government for the month of April 2020.

5. Develop an international day of repudiation of the Monroe Doctrine, against the Blockade and other Unilateral Coercive Measures by June 28, 2020.

First International Meeting of Communes, Social Movements and People’s Power

City of Caracas, Cradle of the Liberator Simón Bolívar and Capital of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela on October 20, 2019

Translation by Internationalist 360°