Network in Defense of Humanity Statement in Support of the Struggles of the Haitian People

The Network of Intellectuals, Artists and Social Movements in Defense of Humanity expresses its strongest support for the struggles of the Haitian people, who have been in a state of alert and permanent mobilization since last September. Peasant movements, young people from the urban peripheries, student and women’s organizations, trade unions and trade union centers, religious and human rights organizations, raise their voices against the devastating effects of the neoliberal, imperialist and colonial policies that have made Haiti one of the most impoverished, unequal and unjust nations on the planet. Since July of last year, and notably in the last two months, millions of people have mobilized incessantly, occupying and blocking the streets of the country, defying violent state repression, and sometimes succeeding in breaking the political and media siege built around the country.

In Haiti, to the collapse of the dependency model set up by the United States more than a century ago, is added the total discredit of the political class, whether official or circumstantially opposed. In addition, the cycle of neoliberal policies implemented early on has been exhausted, showing one of its darkest faces in the region, with phenomena such as planned hunger and misery, unemployment and widespread labor informality, agricultural ruin and peasant exodus, high inflation and permanent devaluation of the national currency, the absence of the slightest notion of sovereignty, the collapse of the State and its replacement by the most regressive forms of common management, the increase in insecurity and the emergence of organized crime.

Those responsible for this disaster have names and surnames. It is the illegitimate and unpopular President Jovenel Moïse and his party, the ultraneoliberal PHTK, who are as useless in resolving the internal crisis as they are useful for the interests of imperial geopolitics and its attacks on the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela. It is a local ruling class that is obscenely rich, unproductive and parasitic, which in some of its figures seeks to capitalize on the crisis for its own benefit. These are the colonial powers that plunder the country and still presume to exercise their right of tutelage, from the United States to France and Canada, passing through other minor partners. These are the coercive transnational financial organizations such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, which are responsible for agricultural ruin, debt subjection and trade and financial liberalization. Finally, it is a regional and global political architecture that expresses the “friendly” face of this web of power, from the Organization of American States to the United Nations and its eternal policies of occupation, whether civic or military.

Those of us who represent “the other international community”, that of social movements, committed intellectuals and artists, the leftist, popular and progressive forces of Our America, want to express not only our commitment, but also our confidence that the Haitian popular classes will achieve their goal, because Haiti is not aware of the impossibilities of our first revolution. We salute the forces organized under the Patriotic Forum for a National Agreement, we subscribe to its program of political transition in a popular and sovereign key, and we advocate for its full implementation, without interference or external tutelage. And finally, we invite you to exercise the most active solidarity, to support and spread the cause of the Haitian people, to dismantle racist prejudices and colonial fallacies, and to follow closely the struggles of a people who are today at the forefront of our Caribbean and Latin American struggles for equality, freedom and happiness.

Executive Secretariat of the Network in Defense of Humanity

October 20, 2019