Kings of Africa Call for October 20th of Each Year to Be Adopted as the ‘Day of the African Martyr’

JANA – Cairo

The Organization of Traditional Kings, Sultans and Elders of Africa, the African Union and various regional, human rights and women’s organizations advocating for peace on the Black Continent, called for the adoption of the 20th day of October, each year as a day of the martyr.

In a statement, the organization called on all African people and tribes to honour a month-long anniversary from October 20 th to November 20th of each year, for the dignity and glory of the foundation stone of the African Union, king of the Kings of Africa, the martyr leader Muammar Qaddafi.

They also called on all leaders, kings, sultans, sheikhs, youth and women’s organizations and human rights organizations from the north and east of the continent, through the center to the west, to arrange a large and comprehensive meeting in order to implement the vision of the King of Africa for peace on the continent, on the closing day of the memorial month, one of the most prominent leaders in the African struggle.

The statement stressed that the organization,  as well as youth, women’s and human rights organizations, tribesmen and African peoples, will not abandon his vision until the great historical dream that Africa awaits, the United States of Africa, is realized.

Eight years ago, France carried out its plan with the State of Qatar to eliminate the martyred leader, and evidence and documents revealed the involvement of al-Hamdin in financing and supporting terrorist militias and the Political Islam groups to spread chaos in the country.

The French-Qatari intervention to destroy Libya began not only by fomenting sedition in the country, but also by supporting NATO’s military intervention, leading to the violent and indiscriminate bombing of Sirte and the assassination of the commander on October 20, 2011.