Communist Party of Venezuela: The Solution is the Seizure of Power

The VCP proposes urgent measures in the interests of the country and the workers


People’s Tribune: The Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) stated that in the countries of Latin America that – like ours – are experiencing progressive processes, threatened by the forces at the service of the imperialist monopolies, but which are also weak in the face of the inconsistencies of their reformist leaderships, the basic solution is the revolutionary seizure of power by the working class in alliance with the rest of the working people of the city and the countryside.

Faced with the sharpening of the inter-imperialist and inter-capitalist world contradictions, and the crisis of the dependent and rentier capitalist model of Venezuela, the VCP emphasized that a revolutionary solution is needed, in favour of popular interests and not those of the bourgeoisie.

El Partido del Gallo Rojo has clearly stated that in our country the national government, contrary to its “revolutionary” rhetoric, applies policies of economic liberalization and promotes flexible labour relations, pulverizing wages and favouring the lucrative desires of diverse sectors of capital.

The PCV pointed out that on October 11, 2018, the Minister of Labour, Eduardo Piñate, issued Circular Memorandum No. 2792 with the nefarious “Guidelines” that created a favourable framework for the deterioration of collective agreements and the destruction of individual and collective rights of workers, both in the public and private sectors.


The VCP has reiterated its demand that the National Executive adopt a labour policy different from the current one, which will help the workers to defend themselves against the attacks of their employers but also so that the working class exercises a leading role in the Venezuelan social and political process.

The communists demand that the violated rights of all workers be restored, especially those who have been victims of unjustified and illegal suspensions and dismissals, as in the case of Coca-Cola Femsa, Polar, Cealco, Abastos Bicentenario, Centrales Azucareros, among many other public and private employment entities.

The PCV pointed out that in some cases, the actions have been committed with the fraudulent application of article 148 of the Labour Law (LOTTT), with the complicity of officials from the Ministry of Labour.

For all of these reasons, and because of its anti-worker and anti-union attitude, the VCP is continuing to demand that President Maduro dismiss Minister Piñate and begin a process of purging all the institutions dependent on MinWork, along with the personnel who work in them.

In addition, they insist that a progressive wage policy should be applied in the immediate future -together with an integral policy of workers’ and people’s control over cost structures, prices and profits- that will help the workers recover the purchasing power of the wage, taking as a reference the price indexes of the goods and services that constitute the basic food basket, since the minimum wage is currently equivalent to less than two dollars a month.

Salary must cover the basic food basket

Caracas: The Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) stated that a vital aspect for the Venezuelan family is the salary, and therefore demanded that the national government comply with the provisions of the Constitution, in the sense that workers receive a salary that allows them to cover the basic family food basket.

“The minimum wage, which means the person who earns the least, must be able to cover the basic needs of food, housing, education, recreation and transportation. Currently, the BsS 40,000 per month, minimum wage and pensions, is not even enough to pay for two daily tickets on urban transportation,” warned the communists.

Various forces, including the PCV, have recalled the commitment of President Nicolás Maduro in August 2018, referring to the minimum wage being equivalent to half a ‘petro’, that is, to 30 dollars (with a reference price of a barrel of oil at USD 60),” and that over the course of more than a year it has not been fulfilled.

But,” said El Gallo Rojo, “even if it is fulfilled, that amount would not be enough to go to the market and even less to cover the needs of the working family as a whole”.

Today, considering the official exchange rate of 21,028 BsS/USD, 30 dollars are equivalent to BsS 630,840, which according to various estimates represents less than 20% of the cost of the basic basket of food, goods and services.

Article 91 of the CESR

Every worker has the right to a wage sufficient to enable him or her to live in dignity and to meet the basic material, social and intellectual needs of himself or herself and his or her family. The salary […] shall be paid periodically and opportunely in legal tender […].

The State shall guarantee to workers in the public and private sectors a minimum living wage that shall be adjusted each year, taking as one of the references the cost of the basic basket. The form and procedure shall be established by law.