Libyan-American Muslim Brotherhood Leader Meets with Erdogan in New York Esam Salem Omeish, a senior Libyan American leader in the global Muslim Brotherhood network and former Chairman of the Muslim American Society (MAS), posted details of his meeting with the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, and Ibrahim Kalin, Special Adviser to the President of Turkey and the Presidential Spokesperson, during a meeting of the Turkish delegation in New York with leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood.[Libya, 25 September 2019] – Dr Esam Omeish said in a post on his official Facebook page that he had spoken to the Turkish delegation on the need to stand firm against what he called “any project to militarize the government and return to the rule of the individual” and to convey a clear message to the US President Donald Trump and the heads of states concerned with Libyan affairs, that they must abandon their support for Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, Commander-in-Chief of the Libyan National Army (LNA), whom he derogatively referred to as “the war criminal”.

Part of the Erdogan’ Meeting with Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist leaders in the United States.

Dr. Esam Omeish, who is the brother of Mohamed S. Omeish, a former Ambassador of Libya to the State of Kuwait and an advisor to the UN-backed Presidential Council, called on Erdogan and members of the Turkish delegation visiting the United States to urge everyone to support what he called “the legitimacy.” Omeish also urged Turkey to provide the “valiant rebels,” as he put it, with everything they needed, and sign a joint defence agreement, and to contribute strongly to the reconstruction of Libya after the ongoing war is over.

It seems that Esam Omeish resorted to the option of overtly seeking Turkish support after his failure, and that of his lobbying group over the past period, to achieve any change in US policy position towards the current situation in Libya. This is in spite of the intensive meetings they held with members of the US Congress to promote the Tripoli-based Presidential Council and rally political support behind it.

Business Card of Dr. Mohamed Omeish, Member of the Muslim Brotherhood and Advisor to the UN-backed and Tripoli-based Presidential Council

“His Excellency (the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan) reiterated his limitless support of the Libyan people against those who want to abort their revolution and dreams of freedom and decent life. His Excellency promised to provide more support at all political, defense and other levels,” said Omeish.

“His Excellency stated that during his last meeting in Germany he talked about the end of the role of the ‘war criminal Haftar’ and that he has no place in the future of Libya. His Excellency stated that none of the delegates of Egypt and the UAE responded to what he said as proof of the end of his role,” he continued.

The senior leader of the global Muslim Brotherhood quoted the Turkish President as saying, “This rebel [referring to Field Marshal Haftar] is waging a proxy war on behalf of some countries which began to realize that he failed to achieve their goals, and therefore they did not show any defense or objection when his exit from the Libyan (political) landscape was discussed.”

Omeish (Left) with Erdogan (Right)

According to Muslim Brotherhood leader Esam Omeish, the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs referred to a meeting which will be focussed on Libya at the United Nations on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly meetings this coming Thursday (to be attended, reportedly, by the five permanent members, the P5, of the U.N. Security Council, plus Turkey, Germany, Italy, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates).

Ibrahim Kalin, Special Adviser to the President of Turkey and the Presidential Spokesperson, said that the parties who attended the Berlin conference called for an end to the fighting and affirmed the need for a clear and forceful international commitment against those who violate the agreement and reignite the cycle of violence. “He also assured me of the clarity of the position of President Erdogan and the Republic of Turkey in supporting the ‘legitimacy in Libya’ and boosting cooperation, if there is a Libyan will, even in the form of joint agreements at all levels,” said Omeish.

On the Wrong Side

Discussions on classifying the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization resurfaced again with the election of US President Donald Trump. The latest reference to this issue came in a report published by the New York Times stating that “President Trump’s advisers are debating an order intended to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization.”

Although the decree has not yet been issued, the White House National Security team, with members very close to the US President Donald Trump, including his former National Security Adviser, Mr. John Bolton, who left office a few days ago, have shown no rapprochement with, or sympathy for, the Muslim Brotherhood, its leaders, and its entities. They have even encouraged the President to take the decision to consider the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization and as the parent group of all forms of violence and extremism.

The question in Libyan circles, however, is the extent of the possible impact of the decree, if approved, on the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya. Al Marsad investigated the nature of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States of America and it became clear that several of its entities and key figures are in fact led by none other than Esam Omeish. Omeish is considered as the link between the previous Obama Administration and the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, and the current link between the Presidential Council and some US circles.

However, his efforts have had no effect on the Libyan situation in the White House despite the intensity of his efforts, which some believe may have further exacerbated the negative impression in the US for the Tripoli-seated Government of National Accord. This is particularly true of the White House National Security team, as Omeish and his comrades are members of the group the current US Administration strongly dislikes. In addition, Omeish is also linked to some US figures, including some who have caused constant problems for President Trump by accusing him of secretly communicating with Russia during the elections. The allegations that have been made against the US President, however, turned to be baseless and untrue.

Senior Figure in the Muslim Brotherhood Network

Each of the leads that Al Marsad pursued in its investigation of organizations and entities affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States, the name of the Libyan American Dr. Esam Omeish has always been prominent. It confirmed his status not only as a senior Muslim Brotherhood leader at the local level, but also as a key leader in the global network of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Esam Omeish

Dr. Omeish was born on the 19 December, 1967. He joined the Muslim Brotherhood in the mid-eighties. He attended Georgetown University, and after graduating with a double major in government and biology in 1989, he embarked on his broad “activities” in the Muslim Community in the United States where he became a member and chairman of several Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated American or Libyan American entities. Moreover, he held the presidency of several businesses close to the Muslim Brotherhood, either through full or partial ownership, along with his current job as Chief of General Surgery at the Inova Alexandria Hospital in Alexandria, Virginia since 2006.

Institutions and Entities

In April 2009, the Hudson Institute in the State of Pennsylvania published a paper titled: The Muslim Brotherhood in the United States. The study highlighted the relationship of a number of the Libyan MB leaders, notably Dr. Esam Omeish, Mr. Mohamed Al-Hariri (who is currently a leading member of the Justice and Construction Party in Libya), and Mr. Gaddour Saidi, with both Mr. Mohammed Mahdi Akef, the former Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide, and Mr. Yusuf Nada, the Muslim Brotherhood tycoon who developed substantial business operations in the Kingdom of Libya. Mr. Nada “had to be smuggled out of Libya” in the wake of the 1969 coup d’états led by Muammar Gaddafi.

Hudson Institute Research on the Relationship of a Number of Libyan Muslim Brotherhood Leaders with the Leaders of the Global Muslim Brotherhood

It is evident, according to the relevant documents and reports that Dr. Omeish managed to gain influence in the Muslim Community in the United States through membership and presidency of the Muslim American Society (MAS). This enabled him and his partners to fund and support the political campaigns of key American Democrats, most notably Representative Keith Ellison who just competed for the presidency of the Democratic Party. Considering of the Trump Administration on Islamist groups, Dr. Omeish and his partners would be potential targets of the decree if issued.

Hudson Institute Research on the Relationship of a Number of Libyan Muslim Brotherhood Leaders with the Leaders of the Global Muslim Brotherhood

Dr. Omeish and his partners claim that their organizations and entities are non-profit while the commercial register in the United States proves the opposite. Although some of these entities did not obtain the license renewal to conduct their activities, business is going on as usual, particularly through their websites and their social media pages. Click here to view documents of the SCC ID, registration, and status of these entities.

The Infographic shows Dr. Esam Omeish’s commercial and political activities, membership and chairmanship of a number of US and Libyan American organizations close to the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States

The former member of the Libyan National Transitional Council, Mr. Abdul Razzaq Al-Aradi, who always denies his links to the Muslim Brotherhood and to the Justice and Construction Party in Libya, posted on his Facebook official page on the 23 February 2017, the following comment: “Representative Keith Ellison, one of the leading candidates in the race for the US Democratic Party’s leadership, called for the impeachment of Donald Trump, and for the official investigation his behavior in the first weeks of his presidency. This accountability measure, if approved, would open the door for Trump’s dismissal from office if it won the approval of the majority of the US Congress”.

Mr. Abdul Razzaq Al-Aradi’s Facebook post

According to US documents and records, Dr. Omeish and his partners donated, either in their names or on behalf of the institutions and organizations they work for, to a number of American Representatives from the Democratic Party; most notably Congressman Jim Moran, Representative Keith Ellison, Representative Gerry Connolly, Representative André Carson, Representative Sam Rasoul, and Bill Gluba, former Mayor of Davenport who were actually elected to the US Congress.

This means that the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated institutions, associations, companies, and other entities, during the past period, turned into lobby groups for those funded politicians in the hope of passing pro-Muslim Brotherhood policies in the American decision-making circles. This perhaps may explain some of the positions of the Obama Administration towards Libya. However, under the Trump Administration, and with the Republican majority in both the Congress and the Senate, the situation changed.

Dr. Omeish has also failed to have much lobbying success since the launch of the military operations in Tripoli by the Libyan National Army (LNA) despite intensive meetings with these Congressmen and Congresswomen. The following are some documents that clearly show the Dr. Omeish’s donations that were provided to some of the Democratic politicians.

Part of donations received by Keith Ellison from Esam Omeish in 2009


Libyan-American institutions and organizations that Dr Esam Omeish administers or has established in the United States.

With regard to the policy of the Muslim Brotherhood towards Libya, Omeish presided or participated in establishing several Libyan and Libyan American entities in the United States. Al Marsad intends to shed light on the most prominent of these entities through a series of press reports it plans to publish over the coming period.

Among those entities comes to the forefront the Libyan American Public Affairs Council (LAPAC), the Center for Libyan American Strategic Studies (CLASS), and the Libyan Americans for Human Rights (LAFHR). On 1 July 2016, the Muslim Brotherhood was able to reach the US decision makers. Through LAPAC, Muslim Brotherhood affiliates met with officials from the National Security, the State Department, the Department of Defense, the US Congress, the Senate, and the White House.

Dr Esam Omeish wrote in 2013 on his Twitter account of his meeting with President Obama during which they discusse Islam and his support for Syria and Libya

On the objectives of the meeting, the member of the delegation and President of the Council Dr. Omeish said: “We believe that the solution to Libya’s problems would only be in the hands of the Libyans themselves, but appreciate that both the International Community and the United States have an important role that must be invested and utilized for the benefit of building a strong Libyan State that is founded on its deeply rooted heritage and the constants of our glorious February Revolution.” He added that the topics of discussion centered around five main points that included the Libyan and international inability to provide medical support to the wounded in the battle against ISIS in Sirte, in addition to what he called the subversive role and the coup perpetrated by the military forces in Eastern Libya.

The Role of Omeish and His Entities During and After the February “Revolution”

Dr. Esam Omeish confirmed, as shown in the above post, that the Libyan Council of North America (LCNA) played a role with the Obama Administration in promoting the perspective of the LCNA on the situation in Libya at that time.

On the other hand, in another post, Dr. Esam Omeish gave away his insider status with the Libya Dawn Operation when he confidently divulged, through twitter, that the US Embassy in Tripoli was safe and sound, and expressed his hope to see the return of “our distinguished Ambassador [Deborah Kay] Jones.” His first hand information of the storming of the US Embassy in Tripoli is definitely a clue on his associations with terrorist Islamic groups and militiamen since the proposed Act H.R. 3892 classifies his group as a terrorist organization.

Perhaps Dr. Omeish, who was also a former official of the radical Dar al-Hijrah Mosque in Fairfax, Virginia, does not see his association with these institutions, organizations, or military groups in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, as problematic—or for that matter the entities that he either presided over, or assumed their membership, such as the Muslim American Society (MAS), the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), or any other entity associated with the Muslim Brotherhood or other radical Islamist groups—or that it will put him in trouble with the US authorities. According to a document, described by the CIA as having been prepared by the International Muslim Brotherhood and titled in Arabic as “An Explanatory Memorandum”, the group presented a list of entities that either belong to the Muslim Brotherhood, or are affiliated with the MB network, in what looks as a unified and well-coordinated network. “This is a list of our institution and the institutions of our friends, imagine if they go according to one plan” said the group in the document.

Dr Esam Omeish giving a sermon at the radical Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center

Muslim Brotherhood Entities with Misleading Organisation Names

Dr. Esam Salem Omeish, who is the Political Director of LAPAC, also chairs the Center for Libyan American Strategic Studies (CLASS). He also chaired the Libyan Emergency Task Force (LETF). Moreover, he served as the Political Director of the Libyan Council of North America (LCNA), Board member of the American Libyan Council (ALC), and President of the Libyan-Americans for Human Rights (LAHR).

Omeish met with senior US Administration officials such as Mr. Paul Monteiro and Karen Richardson. Furthermore, Omeish was appointed by the Libyan Ambassador in Washington as an official representative of the Libyan American Community in 2013. Omeish is also the Vice Chairman of the Board of the American Libyan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ALCCI).

Omeish also formerly served on the Board of Directors of the radical Dar al-Hijrah Mosque in Fairfax, Virginia. The mosque had links to terrorists and Islamist radicals. In 2007, Omeish was forced to resign from the Virginia Immigration Panel after two videos were posted showing him promoting ideas that were classified as terrorist and banned. The first video showed Omeish praising the Palestinians who chose the Path of Jihad to liberate their land from Israel. The second video showed Omeish congratulating the Jihadists for sacrificing their lives for the sake of God. Moreover, Omeish promoted the Muslim Brotherhood, and marketed the Muslim Brotherhood as a moderate Islamic school of thought in the United States of America. He was referring to Hamas, the armed wing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza.

Dr. Esam Omeish’s brother, Mohamed, was the former Ambassador of Libya to the State of Kuwait where many well-funded philanthropic and charity organizations were suspected of financing prohibited activities at home and abroad. The Kuwait authorities considered Mr. Mohamed Omeish as a persona non grata in the wake of the appointment of the Interim Government of Mr. Abdullah al-Thini that was forced to work from the Eastern city of Al Baida after the Libya Dawn Operation’s militias took over the Libyan capital in the summer of 2014. The Interim Government informed Kuwait that Mr. Mohamed Salem Omeish was no longer a diplomatic representative because he only recognized the authority of the Islamist National Salvation Government at that time. Currently, Mr. Mohamed Salem Omeish works as an Adviser at the Government of National Accord in the Libyan capital.

The plethora of organisations headed by Esam Omeish all have misleading names to give them an aura of respectability and strength, and the impression that they are organically connected to local communities—yet they serve as mainly as fronts to push pro-Muslim Brotherhood and wider Islamist agendas.

Earlier this year Omeish was seen interacting closely with Khalid Al-Mishri, President of the consultative High Council of State during his visit to Washington DC in February where he spoke at the Atlantic Council and at other forums. Although prior to his US visit, Mishri tactically resigned from the Muslim Brotherhood, yet his close rapport with Omeish during the visit showed that he was still very much connected to the Islamist group.