Bolivia Confederation of Indigenous Peoples Denounces that Indigenous March is Financed by Comunidad Ciudadana and Different NGOs

The president of the Confederation of Indigenous Peoples of Bolivia (CIDOB), Pedro Vare, denounced on Wednesday that the so-called “Tenth Great March of Indigenous Nations” against the laws and decrees that are destroying our homes is financed by a candidate from the Citizen Community party (CC), led by Carlos de Mesa, and different Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

Vare recalled that this mobilization was called by leaders expelled from the organic structure of the indigenous people, so it was rejected at the last assembly of Chiquitano peoples that took place over the weekend.

“This march is totally financed by a candidate for deputy of Mr. Carlos de Mesa de Comunidad Ciudadana, in addition, there are also other NGOs that have publicly stated that they are in support,” he said in a conversation with Red Patria Nueva.

The indigenous leader questioned whether candidates and Oenegés, including Fundación Tierra, will finance the march in that region, one month after the country’s general elections.

In addition, he reproached former CIDOB leaders such as Adolfo Chávez and Tomas Candia for calling a march on behalf of the organic structure of the indigenous people, when they have no representation and were expelled from the communities.

Faced with this situation, the president of the CIDOB announced that 130 communities in the Chiquitania would be summoned to analyse the situation and halt the “abuses and manipulation” of the internal organisation of the indigenous people.

“More than 130 communities are being summoned to meet during these days, not to confront, but we have had enough of so much abuse and manipulation of the true structure of the indigenous movement,” said Vare.

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