Venezuela: National Dialogue Table Should Include Broad Popular, Communal and Productive Sectors support as positive the announcement of a 1st block of agreements between the government and a sector of the opposition to install a National Dialogue Table. It is vital that good sense and national interest, the defense of peace, sovereignty and democracy are imposed.

Faced with the interventionist, violent and anti-patriotic pretensions of another sector of the right, this is a victory for those of us who believe in peace and that we will overcome this crisis through a serious dialogue that puts the interests of the country at the center of the debate.

From #LaCorriente we exhort that the dialogue be also with the popular sectors, with the social movements, with the workers, peasants and producers, who also have much to contribute to overcoming the current situation.

This initiative opens a path of hope for the stabilization of the country, the overcoming of the criminal blockade that the US imperial power imposes on the Venezuelan people. It is a way of isolating the fascists, the stateless. We say: nothing for war.

We reiterate the need for the National Table of Dialogue to conform broadly so that it can be a real space for dialogue in which all voices with a pacifist and patriotic vocation have space and thus guarantee the success of the initiative.

Coordinación Nacional Corriente Revolucionaria Bolívar y Zamora