The Bolivarian Continental Movement Supports the FARC-EP’s Decision to Return to Armed Struggle

Communiqué of the Bolivarian Continental Movement

Faced with the betrayal and non-compliance with the Peace Agreement between the FARC-EP and the Colombian government by the Santander oligarchy, who unilaterally ignored and modified more than 80% of what had been agreed in Havana, initiating a sort of re-edition of the “Baile rojo”, with the systematic assassination of social leaders and former combatants of the FARC-EP, from the Bolivarian Continental Movement we declare:

The Continental Bolivarian Movement (MCB), who always accompanied the dignified and heroic struggle of the Colombian insurgent people for a new Colombia with social justice, we salute the new leadership and command of the FARC-EP, the members of the Colombian Clandestine Communist Party and all its fighters, understanding that this courageous decision is born of nothing other than loyalty to the principles and ideas that forced the Colombian people into the armed insurgency more than five decades ago, to allegiance to true peace, which has been bled to death by the treacherous blows of a stateless political and economic right-wing that only watches over its interests, and to allegiance to the dreams of millions of Colombians who have hoped for the end of the armed conflict, for the construction of a new country and not for the repetition of the darkest parts of Colombian history, the resurgence of violence and paramilitarism, in the face of the helplessness of the people.

The right to armed rebellion that the MCB assumed as a recognition and tribute to the hero of Bolivar’s insurgent Colombia, Manuel Marulanda Velez, are now fully in force. As the commander of the FARC-EP, Iván Márquez, announced, the flag of Peace is raised with more strength than ever, to conquer true PEACE with social justice.

The imperial onslaught in our America requires the unity and struggle of our peoples, the permanent threat and aggression to the sovereignty of Cuba and Venezuela, as well as to any process that raises the flags of independence and anti-imperialism, requires the preparation of all the people to resist, advance and win with all the forms of struggle that each people proposes according to its objective conditions. Our duty as revolutionaries is to support each of these emancipatory processes, with respect for the self-determination and autonomy of the peoples in struggle.

We are going to march along the paths and trails of the Americas with our flag of great Colombian unity and the amphotonyan dream of the Liberator towards the second and definitive independence, always united with our peoples, with the sword drawn against the stateless oligarchies, the rapacious and decadent empires.

With Bolívar, with Manuel with El Che and Fidel in charge!

Bolivarian and revolutionary embrace to the new Marquetalíanos of the 21st century!

Only struggle will set us free!

Honor and glory to comrades Manuel Marulanda and Alfonso Cano, founding members of the CCB/MCB and its Honorary presidency

Bolivarian Continental Movement

Our America, August 2019