Altos de Lídice Socialist Commune: Communal Health System

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Progress is made when we see how all efforts complement each other in a process that convenes, mobilizes and legitimizes popular organization. In times of crisis it is not something easy to achieve, it involves building on an issue that is fundamental to everyone, healthcare is one of them.

Thus, community spokespersons in Altos de Lídice, a popular neighbourhood in the west of Caracas, began a process of popular activation at the end of the year 2,016 that has proposed, among other objectives, to achieve primary health care for its inhabitants. They began by repeating what had been achieved with the Barrio Adentro Mission, created by Comandante Chávez.

He said in Aló Presidente No 155, June 6, 2003: ” This is all an integral vision within a strategy. We want to end poverty. So let’s empower the poor. The poor with a doctor there at home, that’ s power”.

The comuneros and comuneras assumed a Chavista method to achieve the objective: analyzing their territory, defining it as a functional space that is aggregated from the communal councils, only one existed, it was necessary to establish six more. This is how the Socialist Commune Altos de Lídice was planned, which was given birth in that process, and its founding charter was approved in a referendum on June 3, 2018.

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