Colombia: Discrimination as Government Policy

Ángela Moreno, a member of the Colombian organization Procesos de Comunidades Negras, joined Tatuy Tv, along with other participants from the Che Guevara Brigade, and we used the opportunity to interview her and to discuss the situation of Afro-descendant and indigenous communities in Colombia.

She told us the reasons why the Humanitarian Caravan for Life was promoted in August in Bajo Atrato, Chocó, a Colombian department that suffers historical discrimination by the state. This fact is evident by the lack of government policies that respond to the inhabitants of this area, most of whom are Afro-Colombians 75.68%, followed by indigenous peoples 11.9%, mestizos 7.42% and whites 5.01%, who suffer a great absence of basic services including transportation, health, and education, in addition to the consequences of the armed conflict in the area.

“We really are in a humanitarian crisis that the government has not wanted to recognize,” says Ángela, helping us understand the current situation in our brother country, Colombia.

She also spoke to us about the advances and setbacks that have occurred as a result of the peace accords, and explained that the advances have not been arrested simply because of the lack of compliance with the accords, but because of the major setback represented by the election of Iván Duque as president of Colombia, who is also an ally of the greatest precursor of paramilitarism in Colombia, Álvaro Uribe.

In Angela we saw the image of the Colombian youth who join with others to transform the reality of conflict in Colombia, and she told us that in spite of all these circumstances the hope of the youth is not dying, and that they continue to come together to live and to change their country.

We recommend this INTERVIEW because it allows us to understand a little more about the situation that Colombia is currently undergoing, beyond what is shown in its private media. Angela, like three of the brigadistas present, showed us that Latin America continues to suffer the effects of neoliberal policies. Later on we will be publishing other ENTREvistas where the comrades of the Che Guevara 2019 Brigade tell us about their political, social and economic realities and how the youth are confronting them.

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