Venezuela: El Maizal, Seed of the Socialist Homeland

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We invite you to watch in half an hour a documentary that tells the story of the commune El Maizal, a space that has become a reference of popular power in the country.

This video is an audio-visual systematization of the events that are carried out by community members at the height of the revolutionary struggle: rescuing land, rescuing companies for food production; strong confrontations with landowners and the bureaucracy, and the recovery of facilities that are currently at the service of technical and political training for the strengthening of popular organization.

We will see there the enormous effort involved in producing in the midst of the difficulties imposed by the blockade; and in spite of the contradictions and complications of this stage in the revolutionary process; we will see a people resisting and advancing, motivated by the commitment established with the legacy of Comandante Chávez.

It is important to emphasize that this has been a concrete realization with the solidarity of many comrades who provided the necessary logistics for the fulfillment of the task, which aims to provide a record of the history of the struggle of the people in revolution and to pay a heartfelt tribute to the community members of El Maizal, who every day inspire us and teach us by example.

Socialist Commune of El Maizal