In the Last 24 Hours: Libyan Army Drawing Militias Out of Tripoli to Protect the Civilian Population

Al Karama forces spokesman Maj. Gen. Ahmed al-Mesmari confirmed that all forces had complied with the truce, which was carried out at the request of the UN Mission to Libya, during the days of Eid al-Adha.

He said in a telephone interview on Friday that they complied with the orders of Khalifa Haftar despite the violation of the truce by terrorist militias.

He stressed that the war on terrorism is still ongoing and will be resolved after the completion of the battle phase in the western region, explaining that through monitoring, follow-up and reconnaissance, there are three primary locations used as a base for Turkish drones operated by members of the Turkish army.

According to Al-Mesmari, Misrata airport was the main launching base, highlighting that the planes became a technical problem, due to the lack of control after the launch, which forces them rely on air bases inside airports, which is why they used Matiga International Airport as an alternative to Misrata airport after it was targeted.

He added that they also targeted the main operating room at Matiga airport, which forced the militias return to Misrata, so the Air Force of Karama targeted their aircraft at Zuwara airport, destroying the planes on the ground.

He said that at the end of the Eid truce, militias used Zuwara airport, to prevent their forces from using al-Watiya air base, stressing that on Thursday, they destroyed the positions of these planes and the weapons storage facilities, and they continued this task today.

On luring terrorists outside the capital Tripoli, he said that they have experience disarray after the battles in Derna and Benghazi, as well as weaknesses in military and technical capabilities to manage the battle, so the battle of Tripoli is different from the battles in the two cities in the eastern region of the country.

He concluded by saying that the battle is not for the liberation of Tripoli, but to eliminate terrorism, which involves luring them out of the capital as a successful strategy to spare the city the scourge of war and protect civilians.

On April 4th, Khalifa Haftar announced the launch of an operation to liberate the capital Tripoli from the hands of militias and armed groups, coinciding with the announcement of the UN envoy in Libya, to hold the national meeting between April 14-16 in Ghadames.

The Secretary-General of the Arab League called on all Libyan parties to exercise restraint and reduce the situation of escalation on the ground resulting from recent military moves in the western regions of the country, and to adhere to the political path as the only way to end the crisis in Libya, and to return to dialogue. The aim is to reach a national settlement to get the country out of its crisis.


Army announces advance of troops in Wadi Al-Rabie and Ain Zara

The army’s military information division announced Friday the advance of the troops after penetrating the defenses of the forces of the government of reconciliation not approved in Wadi Al-Rabie and Ain Zara and Azizia.

The Division confirmed that air force fighters were carrying out raids on the aircraft operations room in Zuwara and other locations in the capital’s hubs.

The Division noted that the army forces maintain all their positions and support their positions in the capital’s hubs.

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GCHQ blesses the return of air traffic to Sabha Airport

The General Command of the Armed Forces welcomed the return of air traffic to Sabha airport after a nearly six-year hiatus.

The leadership confirmed that the reopening of the airport came first, thanks to God and second, thanks to the sacrifices of the heroes of the armed forces who delivered their best in their confrontations with the enemy, so that the law and peace prevail in the region through the activation of the security services.

Flights to Sabha airport were officially reopened on Friday, since it was closed on January 9, 2014 due to security conditions, with the first Libyan airline flight arriving from Benina Airport in Benghazi, amid a large reception.

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