The Civic-Military Union in Defense of the Homeland

Adán Chávez Frías
On his release from prison, Commander Chávez was acclaimed by the Venezuelan people. Photo: Bolivarian Government of Venezuela/Archivo.

A quarter of a century ago, when Comandante Chávez was released from prison and was on the streets mobilizing forces for the cause of the socio-political transformation of the country, he said in an interview that one of the main objectives of the revolutionary movement that emerged from the 4F was to bring the military and civilians closer together. “We call for civil-military fusion. The military cannot continue to be isolated and minimized,” he explained at the time, convinced that this union was possible and necessary.

Chávez was clear that in societies dominated by the oligarchies, the armed forces are an institution formed to support the bourgeois state that educates them and trains them to disconnect them from the People, since it is precisely those popular forces that are capable of demolishing the state. So he proposed to transform them, to coordinate them with the population, to make them participants in the political and social life of the nation, and to unite them around the Bolivarian spirit for the protection of the Homeland, of the constitutional rights of the great majorities and not of the interests of a minority. This is the principle that led to the creation and consolidation of one of the most important achievements of the Bolivarian Revolution: the civic-military union, which, according to Chávez, merges a single People, one part without uniform and the other with uniform, as the main bastion in the defense of our sovereignty and independence.

The great majority of the Venezuelan people have understood this principle. If in previous years, in times of surrenderist and unpatriotic governments, the military were seen as repressive, today they are seen as men and women who belong to the People. The forging of that unit, whose origin dates back to the construction of the MBR-200, was concretized in the theoretical and organic with the New Bolivarian Military Doctrine and the creation of the Militia as a special component of the Bolivarian National Armed Force (FANB), and in practice with the joint work between military and civilians, not only in the integral defense of the Nation, but in every aspect of its social, economic and political development. As Commander Chávez said: “There is no soldier without a People”.

This civil-military unity has been obtaining exemplary victories over the destabilizing actions that the anti-democratic opposition, shamelessly servile to Washington’s interests, have attempted to carry out since 2016 when, having obtained a majority in the National Assembly, they chose to follow the script prepared by imperialism and opted for violence in order to oust President Nicolás Maduro. From that moment on, the Bolivarian Revolution has been attacked with all the variants of a continuous coup d’état: the guarimbas supported by Colombian paramilitarism, the economic and psychological war to demoralize the masses, the false news to discredit the popular government, failed assassinations and the sabotage of the national electric system, with the technological support of the U.S. government. Each one of these actions was defeated by the People and the Armed Forces in the street, as a single combatant and with a single flag: the defense of sovereignty, of social conquests, of peace.

Today the homeland is once again threatened by the brutal measures of the administration of Donald Trump, chief spokesman for world imperialism. The criminal and illegal decree of the U.S. government is a flagrant violation of the human rights of the Venezuelan population. However, we are prepared to face any threat that undermines the principles of the Bolivarian Revolution, in perfect civil-military union, once again and as often as necessary. As the brave People, their men and women, civilians and military armed with patriotic conscience, have already demonstrated, we will defeat all attempts to violate our sovereignty.

Long live the civil-military union, great legacy of our Eternal Commander!