The Libyan Army Advances in the Liberation of Tripoli, Dozens Killed in Air Strikes in Misrata

Dozens killed and wounded in air strikes on eastern Misrata

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A military source confirmed that the air force launched raids in the early hours of Friday morning, raids on several locations east of the city of Misrata.

According to the source, the raids targeted more than one site in al-Qabaa area, where nine raids were carried out, smelling the site of the company al-Nahr (“El-Campo”) exploited by armed groups from Misrata city, in addition to groups belonging to the commander of the former security forces classified as terrorist, Ibrahim al-Jadaran.

According to the source, the raids achieved their objectives, with dozens of extremist elements killed and injured, in addition to heavy material losses.

Al-Mahjoub: Armed forces continue to withdraw al-Wefaq militias out of densely populated areas | Al-Hurra tv – Army forces are continuing to drain al-Wefaq government forces in accordance with a pre-prepared strategy to draw fighters out of densely populated areas and target them, said Khaled al-Mahjoub, spokesman for the Al Karama Operations Room Media Center.

Al-Mahjoub told Al-Hurra tv that air strikes are achieving their objectives of draining these forces.

Army forces are reinforcing their military points to link the fighting axes and tighten the siege on the al-Wefaq government forces until they are eliminated and the capital is taken over, he said.

He added the al-Wefaq government forces suffered a major defeat after losing control of the south and most of western Libya and their influence in the capital and some cities on the coast.

He also reiterated that the army is capable of resolving the battle quickly, but this has not happened to keep civilians and infrastructure safe in Tripoli.

Scores of Militia Fighters Killed in Tripoli

Khalid Mahmoud | Al Awsat

Fighting between the Libyan National Army led by Khalifa Haftar and Fayez al-Sarraj’s Government of National Accord continued on Friday despite a call by the European Union for a ceasefire and its backing for UN envoy Ghassan Salame’s proposal for truce.

The LNA said it has made huge advances in several Tripoli’s battlefronts, leaving around 25 militias, backed by the GNA, dead.

It accused the militias of randomly targeting civilian areas, mainly in al-Hadaba, with grenades, in confirmation of a report by Asharq Al-Awsat on Thursday.

Haftar’s forces launched an offensive in April to try to wrest Tripoli from forces backing the GNA.

The EU called Friday on Libya’s warring sides to establish a permanent truce and return to UN-led talks to prepare for quick elections.

“The European Union and its member states are united in demanding that all Libyan parties commit to a permanent ceasefire,” EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said.

The EU also urged the parties to return to a UN-brokered political process, Mogherini said in a statement issued in Brussels.

The EU and its 28 countries, she said, welcome Salame’s ceasefire proposal for the upcoming Eid al-Adha holiday as well as his call to relaunch negotiations.

Meanwhile, Haftar arrived in Cairo on Friday at the head of an LNA delegation.

He is expected to hold talks with top Egyptian officials on the latest developments in Libya and ways to confront terrorist organizations.

The talks are also set to focus on Egyptian-Libyan border cooperation and efforts to stop infiltration of terrorist elements or migrants.

Major advances for LNA in Tripoli, big losses for GNA militias

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TRIPOLI – More than 25 bodies is the primary death toll on Thursday for the militias allied with the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA), said the Military Information Division of the Libyan National Army (LNA).

After its big losses as usual, and after its inability to confront, the enemy is going to bomb the residential neighborhoods with indiscriminate missiles, the Division noted out.

A state of confusion witnessed in the ranks of the militias after their exhaustion for months and their great loss of equipment and lives, it said.

There are major conflicts and disagreements among the leaders of the militias and tension and distress in Misrata due to the large number of dead and losses, the Military Division added.

LNA units are very careful about the safety of civilians, following the instructions of the General Commander of LNA, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, the Division stressed.

LNA units did great job in Tripoli, with Air Force support

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TRIPOLI – The Libyan National Army (LNA) air force played a significant role during clashes with the militias allied with Fayez al-Sarraj Government (GNA) in Tripoli, said the Media Officer of 73th Infantry Brigade of LNA.

He added that the air strikes and ground attacks of the LNA forces led to killing and wounding a large number of militia elements on Wednesday and Thursday.

He pointed out that the Airport Road and Qassarat front lines in Tripoli were witnessing a complete calm.

On Thursday, LNA Air Force targeted groups of armed vehicles in the Qassarat and Aziziyah areas.

The strikes were part of a series of air strikes by LNA air force on the positions of armed militias in Tripoli.

The military information division of LNA said Thursday that more than 25 elements were killed in the clashes.

LNA air force targets armed vehicles for GNA militias in Tripoli

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

TRIPOLI – The Libyan National Army (LNA) Air Force targeted on Thursday groups of armed vehicles for the miltias allied with Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA) in the al-Qassarat and Aziziyah areas.

The strikes were part of a series of air strikes by LNA air force on the positions of armed militias in Tripoli.

The Military Information Division of LNA said Thursday that more than 25 elements were killed in the clashes.

Haftar arrives in Cairo and meets senior Egyptian officials Cairo

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Libyan Army Commander Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar arrived in Cairo today at the head of a delegation to discuss the latest developments in Libya.

Haftar will meet with a number of senior Egyptian officials and personalities to discuss a number of developments, including confronting terrorist organizations, as well as reviewing bilateral cooperation between Egypt and Libya, with regard to securing the border between the two countries and preventing the infiltration of terrorist elements or victims. illegal immigration from them.

Beware of Fake News

Libyan citizens and the international community need to be careful not to fall prey to fake news from Islamist and GNA-affiliated sources. As the war intensifies the manufacturing of fake news to spread false information and accusations against the Libyan National Army (LNA) by the electronic foot soldiers of the Muslim Brotherhood from their centres in Tripoli and Istanbul is proliferating and it is expected to escalate even further as the war turns against them on the ground.  – Al Marsad