Final Declaration of the 25th Meeting of the Sao Paulo Forum, Caracas 2019 delegates to the 25th Meeting of the FSP, gathered in Caracas, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, cradle of the Liberator Simón Bolívar and of his worthy follower, Commander Hugo Chávez Frías, on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of his birth, have reached the following conclusions:

One year after the XXIV Meeting in Havana, the multifaceted reactionary offensive of U.S. imperialism and the oligarchic right-wing ally has deepened. But at the same time, Latin America and the Caribbean is also the scene of important popular struggles and triumphs that have halted the imperial offensive. The recent cases of Mexico, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Puerto Rico confirm this.

It is urgent to retake the initiative with more vigor and efficiency. This is possible “when there is unity, determined and capable political leadership, clear objectives of struggle, combat morality and rooting in the popular classes”. This idea, approved by the XXIV Encounter last year, remains totally valid.

Despite the fact that the negative effects of the concentration of property, power and wealth in the hands of the usual privileged minority continue to deepen, in the countries of the region where this has happened social protest is growing, while the forces of the left, popular and progressive, especially in the field of social and popular movements, are raising anti-neoliberal proposals that we must stimulate and support decisively.

The international right does not cease in its subversive plans; it operates in an articulated manner to fragment and/or weaken our National States; it aims to annihilate or delegitimize any project of social change that seeks to advance along non-capitalist or simply post-neoliberal paths; it works tirelessly to erode our national identities, as well as the cultural values that give us social cohesion; and it accelerates the efforts aimed at dividing us in all fields.

In the face of the disintegrating plan of the right, let us present the integrating plan, sovereign and worthy of our peoples. Faced with the free trade agreements promoted by the United States, let us strengthen sovereign integration projects such as CELAC, Alba-TCP, Mercosur and other popular and autonomous integration initiatives.

The Trump Administration, the full expression of the Yankee Empire and the transnational financialized capitalism that prevails today, seeks to reverse, with increasing violence in all spheres, the declining tendency of its relative power as the hegemonic center of the international right. United, let us prevent it from achieving its historic goals of domination over the lands of Our America. We are obligated with our peoples to prevent the Monroe Doctrine from achieving its interventionist ends. Before the Monroe Doctrine, the Bolivar Doctrine.

The political accumulation of the left and of the popular and progressive forces from 1959 to the present, multiplies the hopes to sustain that it is possible to defeat any imperial offensive. This is demonstrated today by the Bolivarian Revolution, the Cuban Revolution itself, the successful Bolivian political experience and Sandinista Nicaragua.

Let us strengthen the struggles for justice for all, for social emancipation, for full political sovereignty, economic independence and the self-determination of our peoples.

Let us continue to build the broadest anti-imperialist and anti-neoliberal unity, with respect for the diversity of left and progressive political parties and forces, of the social and popular movements that unite them, and the left and progressive governments to defeat the imperialist offensive and the deepening and/or restoration of neoliberalism.

Faced with these realities, the 25th Meeting of the FSP calls, with a sense of urgency, to strengthen the world movement in defense of peace, democracy and the social conquests achieved. The aggressive and irresponsible international conduct of the current Trump Administration demands it.

It calls for the promotion of the broadest worldwide solidarity with the defense of the sovereignty and self-determination of the Venezuelan people, and with the right of the Venezuelan people to live in peace.

It supports the dialogue between the Bolivarian Government and the opposition currents promoted by the constitutional president Nicolás Maduro, because it is a genuine expression of democracy and existing freedoms in Venezuela, which is why it is mostly supported by the Venezuelan people in order to settle differences constitutionally and peacefully, without foreign interference.

It energetically rejects the threats of military intervention against Venezuela and condemns in all possible instances the economic, financial, commercial and diplomatic blockade by the government of the United States.

Preserving peace in Venezuela is preserving peace in the region and one of the priorities of the parties that make up the FSP.

It reaffirms the just causes approved in the XXIII and XXIV FSP Encounters, considering them to be valid. Consequently, this XXV Encounter calls for:

To reinforce the defense, as a common objective, of the Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace, approved at the II Summit of CELAC. This is urgent and vital.

To defend CELAC as the greatest single event of the last 200 years and to sow the idea of integration among our peoples.

To repudiate the dangerous military presence of the United States and its NATO allies in the Caribbean and the Atlantic, with clearly aggressive aims and pressure on our nations.

Vigorously reject the Monroe Doctrine and all U.S. ideas that Latin America and the Caribbean is their “backyard.

Agree, in as much space as possible, actions that confront the dominance of Yankee Imperialism in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Know rigorously how the international, regional and local right operates against this continent that we defend and will defend.

Reaffirm the importance of the FSP’s relations with the left parties of Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Denounce the interfering role of the OAS in the service of the USA. The OAS continues to operate as a faithful US colonies ministry, symbolised by its Secretary General Luís Almagro, pawn of the Empire.

Condemn the unconventional war being waged by the United States against governments that do not bow to its orders and interests.

Vigorously confront the advance of the right over our peoples. This is evidenced by the recycled, authoritarian and profascist neoliberal governments, such as those of Bolsonaro in Brazil, Iván Duque in Colombia, and Mario Abdo Benitez in Paraguay, Mauricio Macri in Argentina, Lenin Moreno in Ecuador and Juan Orlando Hernández in Honduras, which destroy democracy and conquered social rights.

Support the Honduran people for their persistent and courageous struggle in defense of their rights, against neoliberal policies and the corruption that characterizes neoliberalism, and in favour of the construction of an alternative that prioritizes the majority interests of the people. The struggle of the latter, led by the LIBRE party, is an example to be followed by those who suffer the disastrous consequences of neoliberalism.

Strongly condemn the permanent genocide committed by the governing ultra-right in Colombia against any organized expression of the social and popular movement, through the unacceptable systematic assassination of social leaders, former guerrilla fighters and their families. Demand, in addition, the freedom of Simón Trinidad and the ex-guerrilla fighters who remain in jail.

Demand that the Colombian government fully comply with the Peace Accords, which are vital to ensure that our continent continues to be a zone of peace. Likewise, we support the FARC party for its persistent defense of the Agreements and its compliance, which constitutes an invaluable contribution to the struggle for peace. To achieve this peace, we demand the immediate resumption of talks with the National Liberation Army (ELN).

Denounce the intervention of the United States in Nicaragua against the Sandinista Revolution, through an unacceptable coup attempt, defeated by the Nicaraguan people, whose right to peace must be defended by all. With economic sanctions the United States will not succeed in defeating the heroic people of Sandino.

Offer all solidarity to the FMLN, whose militancy and people are victims of aggressions and revanchism on the part of the local right, at the service of the U.S., through the violation of conquered rights and to delegitimize them through the courts, as is happening with serious acts of political persecution and violation of human rights in Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina. The imprisonment of Lula and Jorge Glas demonstrates this, as well as the judicial persecution against Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Rafael Correa and Ricardo Patiño. And we demand the freedom of all political prisoners.

Support the candidacy of Evo Morales and Álvaro García Linera in Bolivia, who with the majority support of their people are betting on developing the “Bicentennial Agenda” in their fourth term of office, with the objective of settling the outstanding historical debts of the 19th and 20th centuries, and facing the tasks of the 21st century in conditions of economic independence and full political sovereignty.

Support the proposal of Daniel Martínez for president and Graciela Villar for vice-president of Uruguay, whose triumph would guarantee the continuity of the policies in favour of the Uruguayan people, and of the laws that benefit historically neglected sectors such as domestic workers, rural workers or trans people. And the defense of sovereignty and democracy in Uruguay that the governments of the Frente Amplio have been carrying out.

Support the popular movement in Argentina that has managed to form a unitary alliance in the Frente de Todos, which has Alberto Fernández as its candidate for president and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner as its candidate for vice-president, to confront the macrism and its policies of hunger, indebtedness, repression and surrender of sovereignty in the next electoral contest in October. The defeat of Macri and neoliberalism in Argentina would be a triumph of our American integration and would once again encourage struggles and resistance in the rest of the countries.

Reject Washington’s policy of criminalizing emigrants, especially those from Central America. In this sense, we condemn and reject the immigration control agreement between the United States and the government of Guatemala, a country whose sovereignty is violated and whose territory, with such an agreement, would be transformed into a virtual prison for those who wish to enter the United States and their intention to do the same with Mexico.

Supporting the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, whose triumph, with massive popular participation, demonstrated that there is no end to any progressive cycle; it opened up perspectives of change in favour of the great majorities with the programme of the Fourth Transformation and could mean a re-impulse to the processes of autonomous and sovereign regional integration of our peoples, under the principles of self-determination of peoples, non-intervention and peaceful solution of conflicts.

Reject all forms of racism, social discrimination and discrimination based on sexual orientation. In this sense, support the agenda of struggle for the rights of the LGBTTI community.

Demand respect for the human rights of women, violated by neoliberal policies. Defend the role of Latin American and Caribbean women as fundamental builders of emancipatory change processes, as well as of active resistance to the neoliberal counteroffensive and the loss of conquered rights. Support the massive feminist mobilizations underway in the continent. Without the contribution of women it will be impossible to advance towards the true independence of our nations. Understand that the struggle for gender equality can only succeed if we assume the struggle for class equality. Only by banishing capitalism will it be possible to eliminate patriarchy.

Condemn all forms of discrimination and violence against women, exclusion, trafficking in women and girls, sexual exploitation, feminicide, and demand greater support and protection of women’s sexual and reproductive rights.

Condemn drug trafficking, human trafficking and terrorism in all its forms.

Defend access to water as a human right and as a right of peoples to develop their agricultural activity, a source of wealth and work that ensures food sovereignty, as well as defend the environment, land and territories.

Support the demands of the Caribbean Island States to be compensated for the damage caused by slavery.

Demand the unconditional, total and definitive end of the criminal and increased economic, commercial and financial blockade of the U.S. government against Cuba, which constitutes the main obstacle to the economic and social development of the country, and a flagrant and massive violation of the human rights of Cubans. As part of their policy of encirclement of Cuba, they apply the Helms Burton Law and activate Title III, along with other hostile measures.

Demand the return of the territory occupied by the Guantánamo Naval Base to Cuba.

Support Argentina’s historic claim to sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands, South Georgia, South Sandwich Islands, Argentine Antarctica and surrounding maritime areas. Also challenge the agreement between the current government of Argentina and the United Kingdom, celebrated in September 2016 and known as “Foradori- Duncan”.

Support the right of Bolivia’s sovereign return to the Pacific Ocean, in the framework of a new time where dialogue between the Chilean and Bolivian peoples will build a solidarity agreement, which will allow Bolivia access to a sea for the peoples that can improve the lives of the population by facilitating the exploitation of maritime resources, the export of organic products and the encounter with cultures from around the world through a sovereign port.

Defend, respect and guarantee the rights and culture of indigenous and afro-descendant peoples.

Demand the decolonization of the Caribbean and decisive support for the Independence of Puerto Rico. We salute the multitudinous demonstrations of the Puerto Rican people against the corruption of the colonial and annexationist administration of Ricardo Rosselló, in defense of Puerto Rican dignity.

Demand the immediate release of Lula, victim of an abusive, illegal and outrageous exercise of judicial power against him.

Reject the U.S. empire’s policy of describing Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela as members of a so-called axis of evil.

Defend, as one of the central objectives of the FSP, the construction of anti-imperialist and anti-neoliberal unity as the tactic and strategy

“The best way to express it is by doing”. Based on this Martiana maxim, we propose to concentrate the efforts of the FSP in the following main directions in the coming months:

– Strengthen it as an instance of concerted efforts, cooperation and mutual solidarity among our parties and social movements. To this end, it will be fundamental to support, as a new world moment of exchange, the Anti-imperialist Encounter of Solidarity, for Democracy and against Neoliberalism that will take place in Havana, Cuba, between the 1st and 3rd of next November, as agreed by the Working Group in Managua. Likewise, we call for transforming the regional secretariats of the FSP into much more effective instruments of coordination and communication among our members.

– Multiply the actions of mutual solidarity, with initiatives that demonstrate the strength of our organizations and peoples. In this area, we propose to increase active solidarity with the peoples and governments of the left that are under reinforced stalking by the United States and the continental right. At the same time, we call for transforming solidarity with all the leaders of the left who are currently imprisoned or persecuted, into a matter of principle. The case of Lula shows what we can do in that sense.

– Transform, as agreed by the WG in Managua, the tasks of improving political communication and training of our cadres and militants into prioritized working fronts, through coordinated actions among our forces. To resume the study and updating of the Consensus of Our America, which condenses the values and programmatic guidelines shared by this Forum, which will be an opportune occasion for the bases to debate and enrich it.

Hasta la victoria siempre!