The Libyan National Army is 5 Kilometers from Martyrs Square in the Heart of Tripoli

The Address | Benghazi – Libya

Brigadier Khaled al-Mahgoub, the spokesman for Tripoli’s operations room in the Libyan National Army, announced that their forces are within 5 kilometers of Martyrs Square in the heart of Tripoli.

Al-Mahjoub confirmed in a press statement that “the battle to liberate Tripoli was nearing completion, adding that the armed groups in the capital are extraneous and do not represent the people of Tripoli,” stressing that “the liberation of the capital is a necessity.”

Mahjoub pointed out that “the Libyans suffered a lot from the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization and the people were fed up with the futile talk about negotiations with parties that have nothing to do with the people and do not represent them in any way, but represent their narrow interests and the interests of external parties supporting them.”