The Egyptian Parliament Supports the Libyan House of Representatives

On the proposal of the Egyptian National Committee, 70 members of the Libyan House of Representatives travelled to Cairo and were received by their Egyptian counterparts.

In a statement, they affirmed,

– their commitment to the integrity and sovereignty of Libya;
– the Libyan House of Representatives is the only democratically elected body;
– their commitment to the democratic values of the Constitutional Declaration and its amendments;
– their call to the Prime Minister to resolve the legitimacy crisis;
– their willingness to hold a session to designate a government of national unity.

Since NATO’s aggression against Libya in violation of Security Council resolutions and the assassination of Muammar Qaddafi, the country has been divided along tribal lines while a variety of foreign states have been trying to seize it. The government created and supported by the UN in Tripoli is in reality composed of the Muslim Brotherhood with the support of Qatar and Turkey. On the other hand, the Tobruk Elected Assembly is supported by Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

For the first time, it is another elected body, not an executive body, that has now endorsed the Tobruk Assembly. The distinction between the two factions is no longer solely tribal, but now pits the Muslim Brotherhood against democratically elected representatives.

Réseau Voltaire