There is An Urgent Need for a National Debate on the Land Problem. Analysis of the ANP and La Corriente

For more than 20 days, the compañeros and compañeras of the Platform of Peasant Struggle have been carrying out a peaceful takeover, a vigil, at the headquarters of the National Land Institute, as a mechanism of pressure to achieve their demands. The National Productive Alliance and La Corriente express our solidarity and commitment with this struggle, as we do with all the people and organizations that fight for the productive democratization of the land. The latifundia is undoubtedly a scum that makes the development of any country impossible. The land is for those who work it and not for those who use it as an exchange and profit, under any flag, symbol or argument.

However, from the ANP and La Corriente we consider that, beyond specific events and actions, the fundamental problem lies in our capacity to build a policy and strategy that includes all the sectors involved in the land problem in Venezuela. Only through a broad consensus on an agrarian model that allows for the productive development of the country will it be possible to overcome the underlying conflict.

Our transforming struggle will always be on the side of justice, ethics and transparency, and in function of a radically democratic society based on the power of the people. For this reason, we reject any irregular police action that violates fundamental rights and we condemn sectors of the police forces that lend themselves to arbitrarily commit arbitrary arrests without warrants. We oppose the judicialisation and criminalisation of struggles. In this sense, we believe that serious investigations should be carried out aimed at the full freedom of the hundreds of cases of judicially harassed peasants throughout the country. But we also oppose the illegal occupation of land without complying with the limits of the Land Law promulgated by Comandante Chávez (this law also forms part of his legacy), as well as the ethical deviations that have affected some sectors of the peasant movement.

Our call and convocation is to unite efforts and join wills and capacities, between the State, the peasant movement and the productive sectors of the countryside, private, small, medium and large, from the industrialists to the conuqueros, passing through the landless peasants, to advance in a broad debate with the objective of finding formulas that can be effective for the urgent re-impulse of the process of democratization of the land, framed in a strategic vision of humanist national productive development. An effort of this nature is the one that could effectively achieve greater achievements in the underlying problem, and should be centered on two major strategic objectives, as proposed by Commander Chavez and embodied in the Land Law: productive development of the countryside and social justice in the countryside, agrarian development and the well-being of the people.

We are called to this effort and it is there that we concentrate our capacity for struggle, our accumulated organizational capacity, our capacity for work. To this effort we call upon the Venezuelan peasant movement: Lands and free people for the productive recovery of the countryside! Lands and free people to defend peace, democracy and sovereignty!

National Productive Alliance

Coordinación Nacional Corriente Revolucionaria Bolívar y Zamora