Plataforma de Lucha Campesina Maintains Vigil at INTI Headquarters in Caracas

The open fire, discipline when it comes to eating, arranging the space, the hammocks, the mats and mattresses, planning the sowing, the arrival of companions from different states, other are going back and forth, and telephone calls explaining the situation.

The night that is spent in a hammock is felt in the morning, but it is not tiredness, it is a force that accumulates to advance collectively toward the attainment of justice in the countryside. Thus, after thirteen days of vigil at the INTI headquarters, the men and women of the Platform of Peasant Struggle (PLC) broadcast in a press conference the progress of their struggle, on location.

They said that on Monday 8 July, they met again with the President of INTI, Luis Fernando Soteldo. They spoke about the Campesino Congress, yet to be held, in accordance with the orders of the President of the Republic in his August 2018 meeting, and the progress made in cases of land disputes that have led to evictions and violent acts against rural women and men.

The National Guard is present throughout the area of the takeover and among the local shacks. They were armed and without saying a word when they passed along a road that leads to one of their posts located adjacent to the headquarters of the community.

These violent acts include at least 19 assassinations of which the peasant movement has been the victim, even though the Presidency had made a commitment to protect and guarantee their rights, following the appointment of a commission for this purpose, which includes the Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, and the President of the National Constituent Assembly, Diosdado Cabello.

According to the commitment assumed by Soteldo in that meeting, the INTI could resolve 15 of the cases presented within 4 days, by Friday, July 12.

“The peasant movement wonders what will happen to those cases they call emblematic,” said a PLC spokeswoman, three of the titles requested: Los Tramojos (Guárico), La Victoria (Zulia) and Agrícola Yaracuy (Yaracuy), according to the official, could not be adjudicated because they must be handled at a political level, their logic of non-legal adjudication would involve interests of the respective governorates and of which they manifest no management capacity.

“There are economic interests that favour the landowner rather than the peasant”, they pointed out in reference to these cases, which constitute the violation of the rights of peasant families to work their lands to the benefit of private interests. For this reason, they will remain in struggle, attached to the CRBV, “the landowner is contravening the social reality”.

Against this backdrop, the Platform for Peasant Struggle will continue to be vigilant at the INTI headquarters, awaiting the implementation of the commitment to deliver the titles promised for July 12.

It is important to point out that the spokesmen and spokeswomen indicated that they are waiting for the timely resolution of the dispute over the three properties indicated, which are spaces legally assigned to the peasant people by Commander Chávez for their productive and life activities.

Finally, they stated that “what Chávez gave us, nobody takes from us”, and they called for solidarity and determination to meet the struggles of the diverse social movements of the country.