Venezuela: In Defense of Popular Housing Tuesday, June 18, the center of Caracas witnessed a mobilization that arrived at the doors of the National Constituent Assembly. A column of 400 people came to ask their deputies for the right to speak in the chamber. The intention? Present the law of Self-Managed Production of Habitat and Popular Housing.

“To strengthen the capacities of the people to produce and reproduce their lives, that is self-management,” proposed by more than 30 organizations, among them the Movimiento de Pobladores and the Asambleas Viviendo Venezolanos, in an official letter.

The column had to go around different buildings and doors of the ANC, before being received by Ricardo Molina, former Minister of Housing and Habitat and Transport and Public Works, who approached the demonstration at the corner of Bolivar Square, agreeing to work the bill first in the commissions and then be presented in plenary.

The bill was delivered two weeks ago on a similar occasion, today the objective was to initiate the debate. Given the situation in the country, the proposal of the conveners is to strengthen the organizations of People’s Power, in this case in the housing axis.

“Much progress has been made in all these years with the Great Mission Housing Venezuela, the neighbourhood has been vindicated, the people excluded from the city who lived in the peripheries. And we understand that there is still a long way to go. We want to be able to carry out with our own hands the territorial construction of our habitat: housing, recreational zones, zones for socioproduction. In our space that is the National Constituent Assembly we propose the self-management of our houses, with tools and materials provided by the State. Irma Pacheco explained, while the mobilization advanced along the sidewalks of University Avenue.

In the communiqué for the presentation of the law, the organizations stated: “There is an unprecedented national and international acknowledgement of the experience, so far 37% of the houses built by GMVV have been built by the People’s Power under different management modalities. This has been a great education. On the basis of this experience the intention is to advance the debate on the law so as not to delay its approval.

To deepen the strengths, strengthen the capacities, as a way to advance in the defense of the country, with a people building their own houses.

Prensa Corriente Revolucionaria Bolívar y Zamora