Venezuela: Apure Strengthens National Productive Alliance Thursday, June 6 in the state of Apure, the delivery of materials and tools within the framework of the 2019 Conuquero plan was completed, as reported by Orlando Zambrano in his social networks. Through an agreement between producers organized in the National Productive Alliance and the Ministry of People’s Power for Productive Agriculture and Lands, the ceremony was held to deliver the necessary supplies for planting rice, beans and corn. productive economy is cultivated with the Conucos, said the flag that the conuqueros of Apure displayed in an event that was attended by different organizations of the people, institutions and producers of the municipalities of San Fernando, Biruaca and Achaguas. Speakers from communes, from the Hugo Chávez battalion units (UBCh), militants and coordinators from the Revolutionary Current of Bolívar and Zamora participated along with representatives from the Ministry of People’s Power for Agriculture and Lands; the Technical Unit for Research, Training and Extension; the National Institute for Agricultural Research; and the Fund for Socialist Agrarian Development. The event was also attended by the Mayor’s Office of Biruaca. producers benefit from this agreement. The plan stipulates the planting of 700 hectares of rice, 520 of beans and 600 of corn. This cultivation has an estimated yield of 5000 tons of rice, 520 tons of beans and 1980 tons of corn.

As part of the 2019 Conuquero plan, the seeds were delivered to the conuqueras and conuqueros of the municipality of Biruaca on Friday 7 and Saturday 8 June. Different communes and communal councils of the zone were beneficiaries, that now have the necessary supplies to continue working the land and producing the food that the town requires.

Through the National Productive Alliance, through its coordinator in the municipality, Charlys Lovera, the seeds reached the communities of Santa Rufina and El Chorro, which have 55 and 25 producers respectively. As well as the communes of “La Lucha Sigue”, “Hijos de Chávez” and “Paraíso del Llano” which are organized by 220 producers between the three. productive effort is being carried out at a time when the blockade suffered by our country at the hands of the government of Donald Trump with the complicity of the local opposition is intensifying. An opposition that U.S. spokespersons themselves say they lead, as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo did this week, recognizing the difficulties in maintaining the unity of their pawns in the country.

Faced with the various sanctions and forms of siege, peasants as well as small and medium producers from different parts of the country strengthen indigenous production to take concrete steps on the road to food sovereignty. This effort, shown in this case by the llaneros, can also be seen in the Andean communities. Those who work the land have a tool that allows them to advance in the concretion of the objectives in this context. The National Productive Alliance continues to strengthen, and with it consolidates the path to sovereignty, peace and the defense of democracy.

We are people who fight and produce.

Prensa Corriente Revolucionaria Bolívar y Zamora.

Translation by Internationalist 360°