Al-Quds Palestine: Genocide with a Bloody Zionist Seal

Luis Agüero
Palestine must be free, it deserves the right to exist and to its ancestral lands, Al-Quds is the Jerusalem of all, let us speak loudly with the voice of a united people of all races and religions of the world to save Palestine from extermination.

A friend told me what he thinks of the Arab world, while I was talking to him about the Palestinian cause, he told me: “you don’t know that the Arabs are the cause of terrorism and that they don’t accept any religion other than theirs”, a crass error of opinion, but he ignited in me an ominous warning that Zionist propaganda is having the desired racial effect on the Western psyche and is making the victim look like the victimizer. Certainly my friend “has been well informed” about the existence of AlQaeda, Bin Laden, Isis, Al Nusra, but he has not seen in communications that CIA and the State Department are involved in the formation, arming and training of cells originating from these terrorist movements.

The dogs of the media war are in charge of transmitting the terror effects of extremist groups that serve as an excuse to invade countries in the name of freedom (and of the American military industrial apparatus and mercenaries who are hired for such purposes). It is worth asking whether the terms Arab, Muslim, terrorist, Palestinian and jihadist can be used as synonyms for each other, or whether they actually mean very different things altogether.

Being Arabic means that you are a native of the Arabian Peninsula and other surrounding territories with an Arab language, race, culture and ethnicity, it is not related to the religion you profess, you can be Arabic and be Christian, Protestant, Jewish, atheist or Muslim. Being Muslim (Sunnis, Shiites, Jariyies, Sufists) means that you believe in Allah (God in Arabic language), you practice the Koran and all that it implies, it is a religious expression and is not related to language, race, culture or ethnicity, you can be Muslim without being Arabic. Now we can understand that being Palestinian does not imply being exclusively Muslim, there are Christian Palestinians, Orthodox, Protestants, Druze, Samaritans and Baha’is.

Palestine is the name that the Greeks gave to the land of the biblical Philistines (current Gaza Strip and West Bank, plus territories occupied by illegal settlements outside the area delimited by the UN). A terrorist is a term used by the West to refer to extremist groups: They use Islam as a cover for the atrocities they commit, it is the ideological dogma of ISIS, and they are known as “Salafists”, their culture is fundamentalist, militant and pedestrian, is a fundamentalist sect that expands due to the economic support of the oil kingdoms (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar), and they are tolerated by Western countries such as the United States, France or England, and this is the trend created to stigmatize Islam.

Clearly, being Muslim or Arab does not imply being a terrorist. To be a jihadist is to fulfill the jihad (the “effort” to fulfill and enforce Islam), the willpower to follow the Quran (the voice of God) to exercise the “responsibility to defend divine justice” (greater jihad), and in the event that the Muslim territory and faith is attacked with the intention of destroying its existence, then the Prophet calls for the lesser jihad (responsibility to defend the territory, life and faith from attacking enemies), making it clear that the greater jihad must be performed throughout the life of the Muslim believer. It is clear that being a jihadist does not mean being a terrorist.

Returning to the conversation with my friend, I clarified that since the radical extremist group Shining Path existed in Peru (of Christian origin), it did not mean that Christians are terrorists. Nevertheless, this further strengthened my conviction that the truth of Palestine and the Arab world must be urgently disclosed through all cardinal points and by all possible means.

Al-Quds (as Palestinians know the city of Jerusalem in their language) is the scene of modern apartheid and the most atrocious silent genocide of the 21st century. Palestinians who wish to pray in sacred temples must beg for access to the city, are physically harassed, forced to stand in long queues under the inclement sun to pass checkpoints where it is decided if you are fit to access or not, if you get to that point because there is military repression to prevent access to the checkpoint. As a result of this repression, Palestinian children, young people and adults die every day, regardless of their religion.

A genocidal blockade of borders has also been implemented to control what reaches the population. Hospitals, schools, libraries, gardens, olive plantations and fruit trees are bombed and destroyed. The strategy is to exterminate Palestinian culture, memory, ethnicity, language and people at the hands of the Zionists. Palestine must be free, it deserves the right to exist and to its ancestral lands. Al-Quds is the Jerusalem of all, let us speak loudly with the voice of a united people all the races and religions of the world to save Palestine from extermination.