Colombia: Behind the Genocide is the Counterinsurgent State

Alberto Pinzón Sánchez

More than 700 social leaders and ex-guerrillas reintegrated from the former FARC-EP are being systematically assassinated. This is genocide.

There are several socio-political concepts to differentiate in order to clarify the genocide of guerrillas in civilian clothes that is underway in Colombia. Counterinsurgency is one. Another is the doctrine of National Security and the internal enemy to be exterminated.

There are many fallacies about Colombia, which have been rolled into world public opinion by “spin doctors” of the global imperialist media system, many of whom write from sophisticated offices in Colombia, generously financed by the various agencies of the U.S. government for this purpose. To address all these fallacies and confusions would be the beyond the scope of this article, but the most difficult task is to establish that many left-wing self-proclaimed opinion leaders have “swallowed them without chewing” and irresponsibly propagate them.

One of these fallacies is the one that has to do with the characterization of the type of State prevailing in the Colombian territory that gives the title to the present article and, circulates as false currency in generalized clichés, replete with deep indignation in the face of the counterinsurgent genocide being perpetrated against reinserted social leaders and guerrillas, on the horrifying experience of the “red dance” with which the Patriotic Union and other organizations opposed to the regime were exterminated en masse during the last decades of the 20th century, and of the “false positives” of Santos-Uribe of the first decades of the present. The waters of the past are being recycled by the power block led by Uribe-Duque, purging it of errors.

Accepting the misconception of the Colombian state as a narco-state led by criminals and mafiosi can be an emotional and shocking moment. But, seen from a certain distance, it is a mistake:

First of all, it is a game of imperial strategy of domination of our subjugated countries which includes the “War on Drugs” with all its weaponistic and militaristic panoply of domination and subjugation, concentrating on combating an “ethereal, disembodied and volatile enemy” which they call “the Narco”, when the drug traffickers alone, or in mafias, along with the major money launderers, and border currency smugglers, are corporeal and well known, and constitute only a cog wheel of the gear of ten interlocking wheels (whose axis is the gigantic U.S. embassy with more than 4,000 officers) described masterfully 10 years ago by social scientist Vilma Liliana Franco on page 223 of her inexhaustible book Orden Contrainsurgente y Dominación, which, in her opinion, is the only one of its kind.

Second. A dominant power block that has another cog wheel to discipline and terrorize (legally and illegally) the disaffected or insurgent civilian population, tremendously effective, well known by Colombians and the world as Paramilitarism, whose impact (and volatilization) is deliberately confused with the old concept of counterinsurgency, subsidiary of the imperialist and colonial doctrine of National Security and of the subversive or insurgent internal enemy.

Third. A block of classes in power that, as modern social and political science teaches, has a powerful outer shell or superstructure of various components; which since its historical appearance and structuring in Colombia from the class pact (landowners, financiers, businessmen, and co-opted bishops) which was organized by its two most eminent representatives of anti-communism such as Laureano Gómez and Lleras Camargo in 1957, imposing such superstructure on ALL Colombian society as a socio-cultural belief based on hatred, and which, according to Marx and Gramsci, currently has a real material force.

Thus, several socio-political concepts differentiate in order to clarify the genocide of former guerrillas underway in Colombia; counterinsurgency, the doctrine of National Security and the internal enemy to be exterminated and paramilitarism.

The counterinsurgent Power Block is different from the class block that currently dominates that relationship and condensation of the general class struggle known as the Colombian State, which is constituted as a Counterinsurgent Power Block, shielded by a counterinsurgent Juridical, Political, Cultural and Moral superstructure, whose base is religious anti-communism in Colombia, which appeared many years before the influence of the Bolshevik revolution arrived in Colombia. An anti-communist movement that appeared many years before the influence of the Bolshevik revolution arrived in Colombia.

Anticommunism based on hatred, which has revived the monster of the Basilisk designed by the phalangist Laureano Gomez in 1949, now a monster with two heads, to destroy Castro-Chavismo (Cuba and Venezuela), Marxist mass mobilization, the civil arm of communism, which includes armed guerrillas “dressed in civilian clothes”.

This is the justification with which the civilian population became a military target to be defeated and organizations such as the Patriotic Union, A Luchar, Popular Front were exterminated, and now, the genocide is being executed against the more than 700 social leaders and ex-guerrilleros reinserted from the former FARC-EP.

A former guerrilla commander describes, in a self-critical manner, this ongoing social genocide that threatens all members of that organization in reintegration, to two errors committed in the Havana Peace Process (2016):

One: To have negotiated the peace process with a government and a State that do not have sovereignty.

Two: Not imposing the issue of changing the National Security Doctrine (DSN) as one of the basic points in the Havana dialogues.

In addition to the above, this process, as noted at the time by Professor Luis Jorge Garay (April 2016), ended up being a pact of leaders that did not entail any structural transformation.

The observations that I also raised two years later (October 2018) about the non-transformations, the surrender to carry out and deepen a CONSTITUENT process, and the shattered parts that this peace agreement has become according to the general interests of the dominant Counterinsurgent Power Block, without anything being done to prevent it.

One can explain not only the ongoing social genocide in Colombia, but also the strengthening of the counterinsurgency in general and the increasing dependence and lackey submission of the Colombian government and state to the dictates and pressures of the U.S. embassy on matters such as justice for peace, the extradition of Santrich, the withdrawal of visas for magistrates, as well as President Trump’s geostrategic dictates to attack and militarily invade the sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.




Translation by Internationalist 360°