Guacas, Apure: Days to Multiply and Organize Solidarity Begin current situation of foreign aggression and sustained attempted coup d’état in Venezuela, which implies to a large extent the economic suffocation of the country, has undoubtedly caused enormous damage to the quality of life of our people, especially the most vulnerable sectors and families. Addressing this situation from the point of view of organization, altruism, brotherhood and fraternity is the objective of the Popular Network of Solidarity Aid that is currently being promoted by La Corriente under the slogan Multiply and Organize Solidarity. part of this initiative, on Monday morning in the Simón Bolivar Communal City in the municipality of Páez in the state of Apure, more specifically in the commune of Alí Primera, there was a meeting in which 35 families attended, after the Hugo Chávez Popular Defense Brigades determined through a social study which are the most vulnerable families in the sector. The 35 families received a combination of food containing meat, bananas and cassava.

According to Braulio Marquez, one of the main leaders of the communal city and militant of La Corriente, Guacas de Rivera is starting, but the meetings will extend throughout the Communal City Simón Bolívar and the entire municipality of Páez: “The economic crisis has strongly affected Venezuelan families and even more women, so we are working to contribute to the satisfaction of basic needs in homes”. like the one held in Páez will also be conducted in other municipalities of Apure and in states such as Barinas and Táchira. The objective is to give shape to a mechanism that allows us to organize the natural solidarity of our people, collecting materials of different types from people, companies, businesses, production units, social and popular organizations that are in more advantageous positions to channel them to those most in need.

Prensa Corriente Revolucionaria Bolivar y Zamora

Translation by Internationalist 360°