Villegas: “It is in Our Hands to Generate Enough Revolutionary Force to Free Us from the Bonds of Capitalism.”
During the opening of the Seminar on Reparations for Slavery and Colonization, which took place at the headquarters of the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Caracas, the Minister of People’s Power for Culture, Ernesto Villegas, stressed the importance of promoting the policy of moral vindication of the victims of slavery and colonization in order to strengthen the revolutionary force and break the chains of imperialist domination.
Minister Villegas assured that the forces of the empire have used diverse strategies to segment society and thus strengthen its domination and survival over time. In this regard, he warned that these mechanisms have become increasingly sophisticated: “We are witnessing a moment in which the entire cultural industrial apparatus has achieved a truly inhumane development and sophistication. In this time it is not sufficient to look at media, school textbooks, to discover in them those invisible mechanisms that chain us. Today, with the mechanism of so-called big-data and segmentation in communication, one can say that shackles and chains are tailor-made for each individual.
In this regard, Villegas assured that the end of these systems will only be possible if the peoples of the world succeed in promoting decolonizing consciousness and begin to generate enough revolutionary force, throughout the planet, to free us from the ties of imperialism.

“If the people fight, if their intellectuality places itself in the vanguard of revolutionary thought, if the intellectuality itself discards the colonial ties that sometimes exist even within the very enemies of colonialism, we can then, when we arrive at the year 2050 in battle, attend the moment when we declare the defeat of imperialism, capitalism and colonialism. All this happens through our own decision to engage in battle, to assume the struggle,” he stressed.
Likewise, he indicated that the sanctions, persecutions and attacks against Venezuela have been a way of maximizing the extreme mechanisms of colonization, nevertheless, he affirmed that the Venezuelan people, aware of their historical role, will never be dominated again.

“No matter how much they block us, besiege us, persecute us, we cannot lose the offensive, the revolutionary initiative in all fields and terrains,” he added.
The deputy minister for North America, Carlos Ron, assured that this seminar is an opportunity to strengthen the debate and the meeting between Venezuelan social movements to bring the population closer to this process of reparation that also includes the construction of public, collective, economic and individual policies.

Alejandrina Reyes, rector of the National Experimental University of the Arts (UNEARTE ), recalled that revolution is either cultural or not revolution, hence the importance of reassessing ourselves as a nation from this field, in order to reduce the colonizing burden that has been imposed on us over the years.
This seminar will last until May 17 and is scheduled to take place for one week each month at the Casa Amarilla, headquarters of the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Translation by Internationalist 360°