Táchira: National Productive Alliance Reenergizes Struggle for Land and Production

In the Libertador municipality of the state of Táchira, the peasant march for Peace, Sovereignty and Democracy took place this week. Present in the mobilization were militants of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, militants of the Revolutionary Current Bolívar and Zamora, as well as hundreds of people belonging to the peasant councils, small and medium producers who advance through the National Productive Alliance. It is about the reactivation of the agenda of struggle for land and food production, at a critical moment in the country, as a result of the increasingly strong U.S. economic aggressions and the growing consequences of the economic crisis on the productive sector of the countryside.

Rubén Rodríguez, head of La Corriente in the state of Táchira and member of the state political team of the PSUV, said in his speech at the end of the march: “Here we are in unity for a National Productive Alliance. This is the form of struggle we chose when we decided to ask our revolutionary and Bolivarian government for greater progress in the process of democratizing the land and reactivating production in the countryside. Because we understand that in order to defend the homeland, sovereignty and peace, production is indispensable”.

Throughout the length and breadth of Abejales, as the march advanced, it resounded, chanted by the peasant people that met there: “Listen, Pitiyanqui [little Yankee] , what I am going to say to you, you are not going to intervene in my country, if you dare to step on my people, the Bolivarian weapons are going to pierce you”. This is how the people expressed their patriotic determination in the face of the current imperialist aggression. In this regard, Rubén Rodriguez mentioned: “One of the strongest attacks they have made on us is on our stomachs. A country that is not in optimal productive conditions will be affected by any measure of international economic pressure. If we are sovereign in production and are capable of producing what we eat, there will be no blockade, no threat, no Pitiyanqui move that can affect us”.

One of the objectives of the mobilization was to resume the work agenda agreed with the agrarian authorities of Táchira at the end of last year, when thousands of peasants mobilized in San Cristóbal and were received by the aforementioned authorities. To date, the agreements defined on that day and subsequent ones have not materialized. Thus, in Abejales the peasants, small and medium producers, unanimously affirmed that a fundamental basis for building our sovereignty is the issue of production, for which it is key to democratize the land: “Let the world know, let our municipality know, let our United Socialist Party of Venezuela know. We mobilize to demand rights framed in the land law and in the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, for our commitment to the Bolivarian revolution,” they affirmed.

We believe in article 323 of the Venezuelan Constitution, which speaks of co-responsibility in the defense of the territory, which not only corresponds to the public security force but also to the organized people in the defense of the territory. That is why we, in a tangible way, as the Bolívar Revolutionary Current and Zamora, have been advancing in the formation of the Hugo Chávez Popular Defense Brigades,” Rodriguez said.

Peasant people, militants of La Corriente and the PSUV, brigadistas of the Hugo Chavez Popular Defense Brigades, small and medium producers, we will continue in struggle so that the state agrarian authorities carry out what the president ordered: the productive activation of all of us to resist the fourth generation war in which we are immersed.

Prensa Corriente Revolucionaria Bolívar y Zamora

Translation by Internationalist 360°