Libya: It is Time to Organize and Coordinate Efforts

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim

As the field victories of the Libyan Arab Armed Forces continue and the Brotherhood’s militia crusade in Tripoli collapses, it is crucial and important for the Green forces to publicly unite and present our national project to the Libyan people and begin launching it on the ground.

I assure you of the sincerity and loyalty of the majority of the leaders of the mass system who fulfilled their era in 2011, and I categorically affirm that the differences that have occurred and are the result of specific historical accumulations, and a particular social and political structure, and interactions based on restrictive foundations can be overcome.

We have all made an extraordinary effort to resolve this organizational crisis and to achieve positive results in management, leadership and practice. We have succeeded to an extent, and we have the prospect of further success, but certain conditions have hampered our confident steps in the latter stages.

This will not weaken our resolve to move forward in organizing our ranks and to produce wise and effective leadership for the work and completion of our national project. This is becoming more necessary at this time when the Brotherhood project is being defeated and the horizon opens for any real alternative project.

I am confident that it is the supporters of Fateh, with their historical record and intellectual integrity, who are able to save Libya from the void of falsehood and lead it towards sovereignty, security and development. But this requires painstaking work and great sacrifice of time and effort. We also need to engage seriously in the practice of popular policy at the municipal and local councils in each village and city, and official policy at the level of sovereign and national institutions.

This can not be achieved individually or in small, dispersed organizations. Rather, we need to transcend ourselves and move forward with one spirit, one mind and a heart of determination and will. It also requires courage to reach all the spectrums of the national trend. We emphasize what we share with them rather than what separates them from us, and we dispel the opportunity of those who want to isolate us from our people or to exclude us from the leadership of the national trend that includes the majority of the Libyan people in the east, west and south.

Libya and the Libyan people deserve from us these sacrifices and this original national position.


Translation by Internationalist 360°