After 30-A: Justice or War, Impunity or Peace, That is the Dilemma. Communiqué of Social Organizations

Social organizations in Venezuela and the world, who defend peace, democracy and sovereignty, demand justice against the coup plotters in Venezuela. plan of aggression of the United States against Venezuela that has been deployed in offensive since January 10 of this year requires for its execution a local leadership servile to its interests, which implements the political, communicational, conspirational and insurrectional actions within the Venezuelan domestic arena. That role and no other (that of tokens, pieces, pawns) is played by Juan Guaidó, Leopoldo López and the entire group of opposition leaders who have devoted themselves to US strategy.

It would be a serious mistake to consider that the battle that Venezuela is waging is only against this local leadership and to forget that every step they take, every declaration, every tweet, every political action, conspiratorial or insurrectionary, is directed by the United States and implies a structured plan, which is developed in steps and phases. That is why we should not overestimate the defeat suffered by this leadership on April 30 with the failed attempt to generate a military and popular uprising that would result in a fatal confrontation that could escalate to grave and widespread levels of violence. Certainly it was a victory for the patriotic forces, but we must not underestimate the capacity of the local right to regroup its forces and build a long-term perspective of struggle.

The April 30 action reached extreme and serious levels of gross flagrance. In broad daylight it was possible to witness, in a public and communicational way, some of the opposition leadership actively taking part in a deployment that involved the use of weapons of war along with the open call for military insurrection and violent popular uprising. It is manifestly an act of sedition, which is clearly addressed in our legislation. This, in addition to the breach of the judicial measure of house arrest that was violated by one of these leaders, Mr. Leopoldo López.

This action would become the pinnacle of all the crimes that Mr. Juan Guaidó has been committing since January 23 of this year, for which some legal advances have been made, although timid and not very forceful. We understand that the application of justice against the coup sectors is conditioned by the rule of law and due process, as well as by political strategy, but we consider it necessary to accelerate actions to ensure that people feel the forcefulness and seriousness of our response as well as the determination of the State and the revolution to defend legality and institutions.

In order to continue guaranteeing peace, democracy and sovereignty, it is key to reverse the absolute impunity with which the main leaders of the local right have been acting. It is essential to make these fascist and coup leaders feel the full force of the law and the capacities of the State and the revolution to do justice and punish them for their responsibility for the significant damage that their actions are causing to the country. Not to do so jeopardizes peace, political stability and the very existence of the republic. The impunity and total freedom with which they act would allow an eventual increase in their capacities to continue developing their strategy of interference, coup and anti-democracy.

It is necessary that those responsible for the events of April 30 and for the complicity with the US aggressive plan be punished. We urge the pertinent institutions, namely, the Public Ministry, the Supreme Court of Justice, military tribunals, and the Ombudsman’s Office, to carry out this punishment.

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In Venezuela:

Corriente Revolucionaria Bolívar y Zamora

Comuna El Maizal

Fuerza Patriótica Alexis Vive

La Araña Feminista

Alba TV

Movimiento de Inquilinas e Inquilinos

Movimiento Mujeres Por la Vida


Brazil’s Landless Movement (MST)

Vamos – Frente Patria Grande, Argentina

Organization Ukamau, Chile

Miradas Collective, Spain

People’s Human Rights Observatory

Members of the Advisory Council:

Argentina Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Nobel Peace Prize,

Stella Calloni, Correspondent of the Conference in Buenos Aires,

Piedad Esneda Córdoba Ruiz, Senator and Human Rights Defender and International Coordinator of the Peoples’ Human Rights Observatory, Colombia, Spokesperson for Colombians for Peace,

Camilo González Posso, President of INDEPAZ,

Dr. Mario Hernández Álvarez,

Coordinator Doctorate Interfaculty in Public Health National University of Colombia;

Ana Andrés Ablanedo, Spain, Human Rights Defender of Sol de Paz Pachakuti,

Ricardo Sánchez Andrés, member of the board of the (ACP) Catalan Association for Peace – member of the International Assembly of (Communistes of Catalonia) and permanent member of the International Assembly of (Communistes of Catalonia).

Corriente Revolucionaria Bolívar y Zamora

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