Report from the Libyan National Army on Progress in the Battle for Tripoli

Army spokesman Ahmed al-Mesmari confirmed that the air force continues to support the ground forces as they shatter GOA forces and terrorists militias.

Operations are taking place east of Farnaj, Ain Zara and beyond, as well as the Yarmouk and Salahuddin areas as well as the airport road axis, which is witnessing fierce clashes, as well as Al-Sawani Al-Falah.

Al-Mesmari pointed out that the enemy is trying to infiltrate from Azizia to Sabia and trying to block the road between Tarhouna and Tripoli, but the army is ready to deal with them and within hours will announce the destruction of all the forces that infiltrated the area, adding that Qasr bin Ghashir clashes do not affect the rest of the combat sectors because there are forces protecting the back of the army and transport lines.

He said that the Air Force strikes have taken place in Salah al-Din, pointing out that the army has during the past days of progress withdrawn to draw GOA forces
from the fortified to exposed areas.

Planes taking off from Misrata are bombing residential neighborhoods, and armed formations of Misrata are trying to coordinate an attack on Tarhouna, but the army is ready to deal with them, pointing out that the fighting continues in Tripoli.

He explained that the security of the oil fields is under the armed forces and more than 90% of them are secure, leaving only the port of Zuara and Eni, however, the oil revenues are not reaching the GOA government or areas subjugated to it.