After Another Defeated Coup Attempt, We Say: Always Be Prepared, Never Surprised! events that today starred Juan Guaidó, Leopoldo López and a small group of military traitors, must be read as one more action within the complex fourth generation war in which we are immersed. It was a new battle and once again we were victorious. The adversary, who is nothing more than an instrument of foreign intervention, launched a desperate operation to unleash a national uprising both in the FANB and among the Venezuelan people, at a time when the crisis of expectations in its social base is more than evident, having failed to fulfill their false promises to overthrow the legitimate and constitutional government of Venezuela in the short term. The beginning of the so-called Operation Freedom was supposed, as they had grandly announced, to take place tomorrow, May 1st, and instead they executed this poor, weak and clumsy action today.

However, although it seems to be yet another adventure of the opposition leadership to which the Venezuelan people are already accustomed, it must not be forgotten that the real enemy is the power of the neoconservative elite now led by the U.S. government. Although this new attempt has failed, the situation continues to be highly dangerous and greater action by the aggressor forces is to be expected. It is not unthinkable that, faced with the failure of their Guaidó experiment and their route to overthrow the Bolivarian revolution, they will move on to a new phase of greater violence. Therefore, the patriotic people must remain mobilized and in civic-military unity. It is fundamental not to fall into the terrain of triumphalism. The battle is still in full swing.

In the struggle that follows, the unity of our forces is a prerequisite for defense and resistance. That is why it is necessary to reflect on loyalty and the means to continue sustaining and guaranteeing it. This must be understood as a virtue that involves in the first place the coherence of those who lead the political process. Chavista leadership must be on the side of the people in every battle, not only in one-off battles with the enemy, but in the daily battles of this people to resist aggression and the impact of the economic crisis. The loyalty of the Chavista people is evident at every moment and is the central pillar of the important victories that we are reaping. The leadership we need is an issue that must be debated in the midst of this complex battle in order to advance not only in the victory over the enemy but also in the new beginning proposed by President Maduro.

Thus, we must be clear about the main tasks that the people and the country as a whole must assume:

1) Strengthen civic-military unity
2) Raise levels of preparedness for the defence of peace, democracy and sovereignty
3) To organize the solidarity of the people in a powerful Popular Network of Solidarity Aid to support the brothers and sisters most affected by the economic situation of the country.
4) The battle for the production of food and everything necessary to satisfy the basic needs of the population.

Furthermore, although we understand that the application of justice against the coup sectors is conditioned by the rule of law and due process, as well as by political strategy, we consider it necessary to accelerate actions to demonstrate the forcefulness and seriousness of our response as well as the determination to defend legality and institutions.

Once again we have made evident the patriotic unity of the people and the Bolivarian National Armed Force, the levels of popular organization, the ability to mobilize and the conscience of our people so as not to fall into provocations, not to accept false news as true and to maintain calm in the face of the most complex scenarios, have been instrumental in confounding the coup and anti-democratic pretensions. Let us continue to strengthen that path. From the Revolutionary Current Bolívar and Zamora we say:

Always prepared, never surprised!

Coordinación Nacional Corriente Revolucionaria Bolívar y Zamora

Translation by Internationalist 360°