Libyan National Army Begins Movement Towards the Center of Tripoli

Libyan military spokesman Ahmed al-Mesmari confirmed that forces continue to move towards the center of Tripoli.

“We have cleared the area around Tripoli and started to move toward the center of the city. Our forces are advancing in most of Tripoli’s axes. We are operating according to a well-planned military strategy for the liberation of Tripoli,” he said at the extraordinary press conference on Monday.

“We are fighting militias from the al-Qaeda alliance and terrorist organization in Tripoli, and these forces have started to collapse,” he said.

“Our forces have one goal: preserving the homeland and stopping foreign intervention against Libya. The Libyan national army will protect civilians and raise the white flag in the battle of Tripoli,” he said.

He called on the international community to respect Libyan sovereignty and stop the Qatari and Turkish interventions

Al-Mesmari called on all the youth he described as “seduced” to surrender and to abandon the “terrorist militias”.