Libya: Western Tribes Confirm Their Support for the LNA and the Liberation of Tripoli

Under the slogan: Yes to the Libyan army, no to the militias, a meeting of Libyan Tribes and Cities in the Western region was held in the city of Tarhouna, which called on everyone in the country to unite.

The participants in the forum stressed in their final statement their support for the armed forces and their leadership, and that Libya will not be an incubator of extremist groups or a focal point for terrorism

The statement condemned the attacks on civilians and their property in the strongest possible terms, as a result of the aerial bombardment carried out by the Western-backed government of accord.

The participants also called on the international community to support the armed forces fighting terrorism on behalf of the world.

Participants at the Libyan Tribes and Cities Forum held the Central Bank and the Accounting Bureau responsible for the waste of public funds and the disbursement of billions in support of militias, criminal gangs and terrorists.