The Cloc-Vía Campesina International South American Training Collective Convenes in Venezuela, Municipality of Páez

On the 4th, 5th and 6th of this month, the meeting of the collective formation of the Latin American Coordination of Rural Organizations – Via Campesina International took place in the conference hall of PDVSA Boyacá Division. The meeting was attended by the extended group of teachers from Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Venezuela as the host country.

This organization has had the character of an international movement since its beginnings in the 90s. In this sense, Itelvina Masioli, responsible for international relations at CLOC, said: “In the times we are living in, CLOC is taking up again the discussion of training as an important strategy in our transforming political project of liberation, of struggle for the creation of popular and political power which for us is none other than the construction of socialism”. Proof of this is the present meeting, in which leaders, men and women, trainers from the region participate, with tasks ranging from the development of what CLOC Via Campesina is, to training processes in political schools, educational coordination and militant participation.

Within the framework of this meeting, a space was opened to address the issue of the aggression that the United States is currently executing against Venezuela. In this regard, Karina Arévalo, coordinator of the national training team of La Corriente, clarified: “We are gathered here not only with the objective of coordinating the political and productive training plans of the CLOC member countries, but also to demonstrate solidarity of the Latin American popular movement with the Bolivarian Revolution.

For his part, constituent deputy Orlando Zambrano, who participated in the meeting to help clarify the political, economic, cultural and social situation thaeness that Venezuelan society has regarding that which we are living through recently is very important. We know that President Nicolás Maduro has had a difficult time, the struggle has been hart Venezuela is currently going through. The level of awareness that Venezuelan society has regarding what we are experiencing in recent days is very important. We know that President Nicolás Maduro has had a difficult time, the struggle has been hard, but we are united and we are grateful for the solidarity of all countries. Thanks also to the dedication and efforts of our peasants and the love that is maintained in our homes, that gives us strength and courage in the midst of adversity with the assurance that we will continue to address multiple issues every day and we confident that we will never let ourselves be defeated. meeting also allowed us to exchange ideas and strengthen them by applying internationalism and solidarity in practice. The meeting of this training collective was one of balance, study and planning. In this regard, there was also a day of travel and exchange between the international delegation and the comrades of the Simón Bolívar Communal City, a self-government experience that is shared by La Corriente.

Coordinación Nacional Corriente Revolucionaria Bolívar y Zamora

Translation by Internationalist 360°