San Fernando and Biruaca: The Battle for Water

In San Fernando and Biruaca, the Hugo Chávez Popular Defense Brigades and the Peace Squads, along with organized communities and La Corriente, through the Red Popular de Defensa Integral, together with Hidrollanos, are working intensely to distribute the vital liquid in communities that have been affected by the attack on the National Electrical System.

With respect to the issue, the Municipal Coordinator of La Corriente in San Fernando, José Cabrera, said: “Particularly we are concentrating on serving the southern area of the municipality of San Fernando, where the most affected sectors are and that do not have alternatives to obtain water supply, therefore, we are at the hydrological regional headquarters to coordinate with the workers and seek ways to mobilize and carry out the distribution of water in the different communities.

Through these days, a total of 50,000 liters of water were delivered to the communities of La Hidalguía, Los Centauros, Pantanal, Luis Herrera, among other sectors as a result of a program to serve the most affected communities.

“All this provides a great lesson for the Venezuelan family and the struggling people. The people are aware and know that we are not the enemies, that the problem we are currently experiencing regarding the issue of light and water is due to imperial aggression and reprisals by the Venezuelan right to destabilize the country. But this is where our humanism emerges, our solidarity to contribute our grain of sand, the friends who lend their vehicles to mobilize in order to help the communities. In general, we extend our recognition to the people who have faced the situation with integrity,” said Cabrera.

And Emilson Rey, coordinator of La Corriente in the municipality of Biruaca, revealed the arduous work that is being done as a team through the Peace Squads led by President Nicolás Maduro, the Hugo Chávez Popular Defense Brigades, together with the Mayor’s Office of the Municipality of Biruaca, Elecentro and Hidrollanos, who made electricity plants accessible. The neighbours joined in and those who had a water pump provided access to the vital liquid to those who did not have one. This was done house by house in the communities of Simón Rodríguez, Santa Rufina I, Santa Rufina II, Llano Fresco, Merecure I, Merecure IV, Las Palmas, Valle Verde, El Paraiso. The project was also carried out with Mayor Gerson Vizcaino, who with the support of Corpoelec enabled an electric plant to start up treatment plants that supply the urban area via the regular and ordinary water pipeline of the municipality of Biruaca.

This is how the battle for water has been fought in Apure, after this service was affected by the electrical attack. The organized people and a popular and political leadership took a step forward to face the difficulties on the ground. Attacks, aggressions and difficulties will continue to arise, but if we maintain this formula of committed institutions together with the power of organized people, we will emerge victorious.

Coordinación Nacional Corriente Revolucionaria Bolívar y Zamora

Translation by Internationalist 360°