It is Time for the Maximum Loyalty, Unity, Detachment and Commitment of All. La Corriente Communiqué

Venezuela is experiencing the most complex scenario in recent years. The decision of the United States to publicly and frontally assume the leadership and execution of a rigorous plan to overthrow President Nicolás Maduro and put an end to the Bolivarian revolution involves the development of a total offensive against the country. That plan consists of programmed and simultaneous actions in the communicational, political, diplomatic, economic and military spheres, as part of a Fourth Generation War strategy, that is, a new kind of war whose central characteristic is to make it appear that it does not exist, that there is no such thing. It is in this context that the recent attacks on the National Electric System have been taking place. There should be no doubt about it. It is fundamental that the people and their political and organizational instruments understand everything and act accordingly.

Part of this strategy implies that at the same time that attacks on the electricity service are occurring, the opposition and coup leaders work to lead the discontent caused by the effects on daily life generated by the attacks in order to sow and provoke violence. Beneath the mantle of a just demand for the optimal functioning of basic public services, a violent insurrectionary plan is underway. They need chaos and violence to become widespread in Venezuela. This is a fundamental part of the intervention plan. They have said it clearly: the eventual and unconstitutional activation of article 187 of the constitution, with which they would legally justify before the world the request that foreign troops enter Veneuzela and a military intervention takes place, must wait for the right moment and must be accompanied by a media discourse that shows a massive discontent of the people. That is the direction in which they are now directing all their efforts. Based on the concrete needs generated by the economic blockade and by the attacks on the National Electric System, they work to summon, organize and mobilize the people, with the objective of generating the chaos and violence they need.

In this sense, from La Corriente we express our support for what President Nicolás Maduro declared last night on the national radio and television network, as well as the activation of all our structures and militancy in the deployment that the current situation demands of us. We fully assume the call made by the president of the republic for the organization and action of the Peace Squads, and we propose that they should be constituted as truly broad and democratic spaces, in which the participation and protagnism of the people are the guiding line for their functioning and action. For a little more than a year, La Corriente has been promoting the Hugo Chávez Popular Defense Brigades (BDPHCh) as a space for the confluence of the patriotic people in the territories in defense and territorial security tasks, as well as accompaniment in the resolution of concrete needs such as water distribution, for example. In the current situation, the BDPHCh, with their full capacity and militancy, join the urgent tasks of preserving peace and democracy, as well as concrete accompaniment of the people in difficulties. We will defeat violence with well-organized people.

The complexity of the situation in which the country finds itself demands that from the powerful communicational instruments of the revolution the greatest possible effort be deployed so that the people receive the information required to contribute to the popular clarity that points to the necessary preparation to assume the current situation, to understand it and to be incorporated into the concrete tasks. Then, the technical explanation of what has happened and of its consequences, as well as the estimated real deadlines in which the implications in daily life will be overcome and the details of the enormous institutional efforts that are being made to confront the situation, is key that they are disseminated and managed by the great majorities of the country.

The scenario demands from the political and institutional leadership the maximum commitment and the most absolute surrender and detachment. The unity, loyalty and popular discipline that the moment demands, requires a leadership that is on the side of the people, suffering and confronting the difficulties side by side with the people, without privileges, without distances. The high popular morality that we require at this moment must be promoted and strengthened by the leadership and the example of the leadership. The opposite would be extremely negative and could affect an eventual gain of the call made by the right.

So let’s go to battle. Those of Chávez, of Bolívar, of Guaicaipuro and Apacuana, of Manuelita have demonstrated the quality of which we are made. We know that we face great difficulties, but the historic moment demands the most from us.

Coordinación Nacional Corriente Revolucionaria Bolívar y Zamora

Translation by Internationalist 360°