What is the Popular Solidarity Support Network Proposed by #LaCorriente?

The country is going through an unprecedented crisis that is aggravated by the simultaneous, continuous and systematic attacks of U.S. imperialism. For years we prepared ourselves for the defense of sovereignty and this historical preparation has allowed us to achieve notorious victories in the recent battles, in the political, diplomatic, military, in the civic-military union, as stated by Kevin Rangel, national coordinator of La Corriente: “However, from La Corriente we propose to the political leadership of the revolution and to the country to advance to a phase that we call the Plan of Offensive and Resistance. In economic matters we propose, for example, the need for an emergency, structured and integral economic policy that, as first actions, urgently declares a moratorium on the debt and develops a plan to defend the assets of the republic, as well as advance without delay in the recovery of the country’s productive apparatus with audacious methods adapted to the context of war.”

While we must prepare the country to defend sovereignty, it is also necessary to move on to a stage of resistance and offensive. The strategy that we have designed to participate in this stage from our territories is the Popular Network of Solidarity Support: “The right wing is using the banners of humanism and solidarity to justify interventionism. The concept of humanitarian aid is a cover to generate direct military action against the sovereignty of Venezuela. We know from historical experience that imperialism and colonialism threaten the existence of the human species, and although today they travel the world teaching humanism and democracy, right wing solidarity does not exist, and the fact that they raise this as a flag is the most hypocritical action that a fascist politician can perform. We cannot allow them to abrogate a code that we know they do not practice. The American neoconservative class is only trying to justify behind this façade its intentions to intervene militarily in Venezuela.

Faced with the scenario that is approaching in this new stage of dispute, from La Corriente we believe that subjectivities, symbols, spirituality, codes, are fundamental and a central part of that dispute, especially in the territories: “We propose the Popular Network of Solidarity Support as an instrument of the people to build the capacities to activate solidarity, to attend to the most vulnerable families in our territories that have suffered attacks of aggression against our economy and that have been victims during all these years of the consequences of sanctions, embargoes and blockades that began with the Obama decree and is now reinforced by the Trump administration.

It is necessary to thoroughly address the problems generated by these aggressions to our economy. Part of the strategic project of this revolution is to tackle the root of the problem. La Corriente proposes the necessity of deploying in solidarity operations in every corner of the country to shovel and attend in a concrete way to the families hit by the war. “If a peasant sows a hectare of cassava, he can put a sack of that cassava into the Popular Network of Solidarity Support to make a community meal or to donate it to the neediest families. Solidarity and humanism are weapons that will allow us to resist the aggression of U.S. imperialism and its allies, who seek to overthrow Nicolás Maduro, attempting to pass over a conscious people who will not surrender power,” said Rangel.

This weekend begins the deployment and action of this proposal of La Corriente. The victory against the aggressions will be achieved with the people, fighting with the people from all spaces. The base of love and solidarity that is in the ideology of our people is a key.

Coordinación Nacional Corriente Revolucionaria Bolívar y Zamora

Translation by Internationalist 360°