Prosur or Protrump?

Manuel Cabieses
In Chile, rulers of the right-wing “new wave” meet with the apparent purpose of creating a forum for the progress and development of Latin America.

Why do the organizers hide the true intentions of this initiative?

Consider its origin.

The Colombian Iván Duque announced Prosur in January and immediately captured the somnambulist of international politics that is Chilean Sebastián Piñera. The Duque-Piñera duo organized the Cúcuta spectacle in February and now stages the Prosur performance in Santiago. Both presidents are on their way to becoming entertainment professionals who will provide a smokescreen for aggression against Venezuela.

It is enough to know who the organizers of Prosur are to guess where this “forum” is headed. This is corroborated by the guests. They are the creme de la creme of pro-Yankee bootlickers. The Brazilian Bolsonaro -who in the White House proclaimed himself an officer under Trump’s orders-; the Argentine Macri -harassed by social protest and debt to the IMF-; the Paraguayan Abdo -who tries, without succeeding, to appear in every anti-Venezuelan meeting; the Peruvian Vizcarra -who suffers from a decline in support for his government-; and the Ecuadorian Moreno, whose versatile career places him on a par with Judas Almagro, the most traitorous of traitors in Latin American history.

These are almost the same governments that participate in the Lima Group, a mechanism that does not rest on their efforts to strangle the Bolivarian revolution. From that point of view, Prosur is a worthless entity. The objective of serving Trump’s designs is already being fulfilled by the OAS, financial organizations such as the Inter-American Development Bank and even the UN Commission on Human Rights.

In search of an international presence that geopolitical reality denies him, Piñera strives to stand out among the yanaconas of empire. In this way, he commits himself even more to his project of establishing in Chile a prolonged period of liberal right-wing regimes. The repression of the Mapuche people, the police threat to teenagers, misogynist policies, the denial of migrants’ rights, discrimination in education and health, and a foreign policy lacking in independence and dignity, increasingly incline Piñera’s model to the regimes of Brazil and Colombia.

This oligarchic, repressive and authoritarian model has no future in Latin America. The current situation of reactionary hegemony is a parenthesis in our history. It is largely the result of our own mistakes. The Left left the people in ideological orphanhood and handed them over, bound hand and foot, to the monster of consumerism. But the social tendency that boils beneath the neoliberal crust is a rejection of authoritarianism and injustice in all its expressions. The anti-capitalist Left is going to rebuild its forces under new paradigms to prevent people from being deceived again in electoral farces. Feminista 8M,  Santiago,  March 8, 2019

An eloquent expression of the malaise that is shaking in the depths of Chilean society was the impressive mobilization of women called by the Coordinadora Feminista 8M. The concert “For the right to live in peace” on Sunday 24 March at Paseo Bulnes in solidarity with the Bolivarian revolution will certainly be the same.