Nicaragua: Steps Towards Victory

Carlos Fonseca Terán

If peace triumphs, the country’s people triumph. If the people triumph, Sandinismo triumphs. If peace triumphs, the attempted coup d’état loses. Let’s remember, there is no Revolution without Peace, and there is no Peace without Nicaraguans reaching an understanding with each other.

The right wing, given its lack of popular support, has been forced to rejoin the National Dialogue talks, and thus have had to abandon their plans for a coup plans, and they have had to recognize “the country’s juridical order”, accept the principle of “truth, justice, reparation and non-repetition,” and commit to calling for the suspension of sanctions against Nicaragua.

Peace in Nicaragua (which favors the country’s people, Sandinismo, the Revolution and does not favor the coup-mongers) is well worth the agreements reached and made known a few hours ago, because what is not in question here, and if something is being reaffirmed at this moment it is indeed this, namely that this power belongs to Nicaragua’s people, this power belongs to Sandinistas.

That is why the voices of pain and defeat of the most extremist spokespersons of the coup-promoting right, that is, the MRS and company, are already being heard. Meanwhile, we are becoming stronger and more united, and every day there is greater popular support for our revolutionary government and for our leader, Comandante Daniel Ortega.

The best way to vindicate our dead is to ensure that there are no more dead. The best homage to the sacrifice of our heroes and martyrs is a peace enabling us to consolidate our revolutionary process.

Truth, justice, reparation and non-repetition means that there will be no impunity, but rather the application of political decisions within the framework of the country’s legal system, healing of wounds with peace, respect for the laws and the exercise of authority to prevent a repetition of the criminal acts committed by those promoting the failed coup attempt.