Venezuela: Terrorist Cell Planning Selective Assassinations and Attacks on Public Services Dismantled

The government dismantled a terrorist cell that planned selective assassinations, the Minister of People’s Power for the Interior, Justice and Peace, Néstor Reverol, reported.

Roberto Marrero, deputy’s assistant in contempt, Juan Guaidó, directed a terrorist cell that sought to destabilize the country.

Néstor Reverol announced that Marrero is currently in detention.

#Now | Min. @NestorReverol: Following instructions from the Constitutional Ombudsman @NicolasMaduro we report that our intelligence services have dismantled once again a terrorist cell that was planning to carry out a set of selective attacks.

#Now | Min. @NestorReverol: To do so, they would have hired Colombian and Central American mercenaries to assassinate political and military leaders, magistrates of the TSJ and carry out acts of sabotage of public services to create chaos in Bolivarian society.

#Min. @NestorReverol: These investigations conducted by the intelligence agencies in conjunction with the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the evidence of criminal interest obtained led to the arrest of citizen Roberto Eugenio Marrero Borgas (49), lawyer.

#Now | Min. @NestorReverol: Citizen Marrero Borgas is directly responsible for the organization of these criminal groups. Weapons of war, cash in foreign currency, were seized during a raid on his residence.

#Now | Min. @NestorReverol: Also arrested was citizen Luis Alberto Paez Salazar (34) who serves as an escort of the aforementioned, vehicles, phones and other evidence were also seized which carry important information for the investigation.

Min. @NestorReverol: Faced with the failure of the entry of so-called humanitarian aid across our border on 23 February, seeking to violate our sovereignty and the victory won by the people of Venezuela against the electrical coup, these groups have continued their spiral of violence.

#NicolasMaduro will continue to fight any kind of organized crime to ensure the peace of the Venezuelan people.