Venezuela: Adiós Guaidó

Angel Guerra Cabrera“Manos fuera de Venezuela” (Hands off Venezuela), reads the sign of Caracas supporters leading the march.

The aggression of foreign powers gives revolutionary peoples the opportunity to raise their political consciousness and self-esteem, enhance their will and culture of resistance and test their ability to defeat powerful enemies. They are either strengthened in the face of intervention, or they are defeated by intervention and counterrevolution.

The Venezuelan people have struggled through almost two decades of fierce hostility from U.S. imperialism, its allies and lackeys. It has been attacked on multiple fronts including economic warfare, media warfare and electric warfare, within the context of the tactics of continuous coup and irregular, or hybrid, warfare. But they have come out victorious and with high morale after each attack.

The last two major assaults by Donald Trump’s colonialist and neo-fascist government against Venezuela have been a complete failure. But the gang of thugs in charge of imperial policy toward Latin America and the Caribbean dreamed that the leadership of President Nicolas Maduro and the building of the Bolivarian Revolution would implode on February 23, or at worst, as a consequence of the greater and more prolonged terrorist sabotage against Venezuela’s electro-energy system that shut down the country for almost a week. Or because of the two onslaughts combined.

What is certain is that both aggressions have produced serious economic and human consequences in a population that is already subjected to the rigours of economic warfare and the stress generated by one of the most intense and prolonged campaigns of communicational terrorism against a country.

It is necessary to emphasize the considerable magnitude of the victory of the 23F, a heroic achievement of civil and military Chavismo, which united and cohesive, prevented the unleashing of paramilitary and mercenary violence from the introduction of so-called humanitarian aid across land borders. Chavismo defeated a tremendous threat of violation of Venezuelan sovereignty by the United States, several European nations and the lackey governments of imperialism in our region.

The great blackout was planned and executed from the bowels of U.S. imperialism, though apparently with cooperation from within the Venezuelan electricity sector. The modus operandi of the neo-fascist group composed of Trump, Pence, Bolton, Pompeo, Rubio and Abrams, during those and previous days, proves that sabotage was part of the psychological warfare plan preceding an eventual military intervention, that they were informed in detail about it and that they tried to make the most of the extremely serious situation created for their plans to overthrow Maduro.

Venezuela has not experienced a tragedy of great proportion in these days of blackout thanks to heroism, courage, patience, discipline, mutual solidarity and the high patriotic conscience of civil-military unity.

If with the aggression of the 23F they did not succeed in breaking the Bolivarian National Armed Force or civil Chavismo, with terrorist sabotage they did not succeed in creating anything resembling a rebellion. There was no water or fuel, food was fermenting, schools and workplaces were closed, the subway and much of the transportation collapsed, patient care in some hospitals had potholes until generators were installed where they did not have them. However, there was not a single death as a result of the blackout, although the media outlets mentioned close to 300 people who died, including 80 newborns.

And there were no deaths because the authorities adopted drastic measures to ensure the continuity of service in the care centers. Who can deny that this sabotage constitutes a crime against humanity by the Trump government?

For his part, the puppet clown Guaidó continued to vanish, disappearing politically until only a small group of people gathered in the supposed big march that he called for Tuesday the 12th. There was never a large crowd. But as Luis Hernández Navarro wrote, the opposition committed suicide when the self-proclaimed interim president called for U.S. military intervention in his own country. Apart from the betrayal of the homeland and the enormous perversity involved in that request, it reveals a great ignorance about the political culture and the patriotic and anti-imperialist sentiments of the Venezuelan people, who will not forgive him for his infamy.

The United States has plunged itself into a serious predicament and has dragged with it the European Union, which is cautiously seeking its interests in Venezuela in the face of the evident fact that Guaidó is the phantasmagorical president of a vaporous government while Maduro remains solidly rooted with the Venezuelan people. by Internationalist 360°