The Political Decline of the Latin American Right

Simona Violetta Yagenova years after the passing of Commander Hugo Chávez, the Bolivarian Revolution stands with dignity in the face of imperial aggression .

1. The future of the Great Homeland and the possibility of the emancipation of our peoples is being fought today in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Eternal Commander Hugo Chávez Frías once said that “there will be no true Revolution if we do not touch the moral fiber of the nation, to elevate it to the most sublime part of human beings. Chavez was a man with an extraordinary capacity to love, he loved his people, his homeland and the whole of humanity. A man who understood the importance of history and the times. A man who dared to upset the age of imperial domination and capital, shattering inertia, servility, and pessimism.

Chávez’s conception of praxis, combining history, theory and transformed political practice, was developed in a permanent dialogue with his people, which made it possible in such a short time to build a revolutionary, popular, profoundly democratic, anti-imperialist and socialist project. Chávez became a people and the people have reincarnated Chávez a thousand times, in a dynamic and creative revolutionary process, which struggles every day in the face of obstacles and the imperial offensive, which increases in the midst of adversity, which is strengthened through debate, dialogue, criticism and self-criticism, and in the dreams and political action of Venezuelans to guarantee independence, freedom, justice and popular power.

For the past six years, this battle has been led by comrade President Nicolás Maduro, a dignified and exemplary revolutionary who, with courage, coherence and wisdom, has known how to confront the complex and extensive multidimensional war that has been directed against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. In spite of the economic war, the shameless dispossession and theft of Venezuelan assets, the infamous world machinery of lies and defamation, the international and imperial siege, which seeks to break the will of the Chávez people, recolonize and divide Venezuelan territory; the Bolivarian revolution is standing, defending the right to self-determination, innumerable conquests achieved and teaching the world the importance of respecting international law, multilateralism, and the right of the Venezuelan people to live in peace. Again and again, the coup attempts and maneuvers promoted by the Empire have been masterfully defeated, made possible by exemplary political leadership, a creative tactical repertoire, militant discipline and a revolutionary political philosophy, deeply Bolivarian and Chavista.

We have much to learn from the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, so necessary for the current historical stage: a) creation of the revolutionary popular character; b) redistributive social and economic policies and social protection; c) housing policy; d) establishment of an armed force committed to the revolution, which has become a protective shield against internal and external aggression; e) development of a revolutionary political philosophy, a creative tactical repertoire, militant discipline and a revolutionary political philosophy, deeply Bolivarian and Chavista. Bolivarian diplomacy, expressed in an international strategy coherent with anti-imperialist principles, active solidarity and the conformation of a multipolar world; f) permanent dialogue with committed intellectuals and social movements of the world to continue advancing in the struggle for a new global order; g) radicalism and audacity to shake up and modify the traditional structures of class domination.

The current imperial offensive against Our America is not only directed at the Bolivarian Revolution, it is a perverse plan to reconfigure Latin American and Caribbean territory to appropriate strategic resources, at whatever cost, to overcome its economic crisis and loss of global hegemony. Nevertheless, the viability of this neo-colonialization project requires a complex strategy of ideological domination, social and territorial control, accentuating economic dependence, rupturing multilaterialism and regional integration processes, the demonstration of military force (military bases), crushing the socio-political forces of the left and social movements, to implement a political-juridical strategy to guarantee that its people govern the different States and to impose exemplary coercive mechanisms so that the peoples of Our America “surrender” to the “machinery of imperial domination” imprisoning forever the dream of freedom, emancipation and self-determination. However, this is the dream and vision of the coloniser, hegemón, who cannot and will not comprehend the rebellion, capacity for resistance and vitality of historical memory.

2. The increasingly servile, mediocre and deteriorating Latin American Right

The political and economic prescription manual of the Latin American right has been exhausted; they have nothing new to offer and they know it. The mercantilization of politics at the service of capital, lawless and illicit, perverted the rules of the game of “electoral democracy”, emptied it of content and for a while succeeded in depoliticizing the masses. Neoliberal economic policies impoverished and profoundly violated the economic and social rights of the Latin American and Caribbean peoples, and made the usual ones rich at a rate of accumulation seldom seen before in history. States were plundered, reconfigured and significantly weakened in their ability to defend citizens’ rights, the common good and as the governing entity of the national economy.

The progressive electoral victories of left and center-left political options reversed these processes, to the benefit of the most impoverished and marginalized.

The new cycle of neogolpism combined with a media war and legal persecution of key figures of the Latin American left is a demonstration of failure and political deterioration of the continental right, which is incapable of fighting a political ideological battle. It needs the support of mafia capital to finance its campaigns and of the large quasi-dictatorial media capital to manipulate and confuse the masses. Nevertheless, they barely manage to win elections and the left has not disappeared. Neogolpism with its imperial “blessing” guarantees them a new cycle of enrichment by plundering the state, dispossessing and privatizing natural assets, and increasing their rate of profit through various forms of money laundering, increasing the rate of exploitation of the working class and by selling strategic state assets that survived the first cycles of neoliberal policies or were rescued by progressive governments.

It is these right-wing politicians that we now see dancing to the tune of an Imperial battle. They are pathetic figures transported from the theatre of the absurd. They support the self-proclaimed puppet, abandoning their adherence to liberalism, national sovereignty, multilateralism and international law. Their servility before the orders of the criminal clique currently governing Washington displays their pettiness, cowardice, mediocrity and political incapacity. It is a shameful spectacle and history will judge them. It is a clear manifestation of their ethical-political deterioration, their failure and inability to understand the current historical moment.

The future of the Great Homeland will be forged on the basis of the legacy of thousands of revolutionaries who never bowed down in the struggle for freedom, justice, self-determination and socialism. Unlike this battered, aged and corrupted right-wing, we will flourish on the basis of rich Latin American critical thought, the legacy of Bolivar, Martí, Sandino, Farabundo Marti, Fidel, Raúl, El Che, Allende and Chávez; the revolutionary praxis of Nicholas Maduro and Evo Morales; We will flourish because our peoples, from the trenches of their struggles, are creating knowledge and practices to counter hegemonic forces; we will flourish because Latin American and Caribbean women are a critical, rebellious and transformative force. We will prosper and advance in the struggle for the emancipation and liberation of our Great Homeland. We have a history, a project and a future.

Translation by Internationalist 360°