The “New Contras”: US-backed Mercenaries Operating Against Venezuela from Colombia

Venezuela denounces in UNSC that the US is organizing an army of paramilitary mercenaries to infiltrate them from Colombia and create violence in Venezuela. The aim is to create a new “contra” as in the 1980s in Nicaragua and to legitimise it as a liberation army.

Venezuela Demands Clear Statement from Security Council Condemning Use of Military Force

On the NEW CONTRA, the mercenary army that the U.S. is arming from Colombia to attack Venezuela. I open a thread…

This criminal operation is a replica of the one executed against Nicaragua in the 1980s. The so-called “Nicaraguan contras”, mercenary army that slaughtered civilians, was created by the United States, led by Elliot Abrams, today’s special envoy for Venezuela, and it operated from Honduras.

Only 109 members of the National Guard have deserted and gone to Colombia. Media in Miami talk about 320 and @marcorubio raises the figure to 600. Venezuela has 280,000 troops in the FANB. 109 means 0.03% of the Venezuelan military.

The attempts to inflate the numbers of deserters are the result of the operation to create a paramilitary mercenary gang. Infiltrate Venezuela, with logistical support and weapons from Colombia, and then sell them to the world as a “liberation army” of Venezuela.