Venezuela Receives 933 Tons of Medical Aid From Allies

Sixty-four containers holding 933 tons of medical supplies, from gastrointestinal medication to prenatal vitamins, arrived from Venezuelan allies Thursday, the Health Ministry reported.

Twenty-five million euros-worth of humanitarian aid was delivered to Puerto de la Guaira, Venezuela from international partners in Cuba, China, Russia, Palestine, Turkey, among others.

Over 22,570 units of spare parts for medical equipment, 192,000 kit for diagnostic tests and “more than 100,000 kit for cytology” were included in the shipment, which Health Minister Carlos Alvarado said is received regularly in the port city.

“It is not strange that we are receiving containers here in the port of La Guaira,” he said, noting that some of the products are the result of a “direct purchase” while others are part of an agreement with Cuba and China.

In this way the Venezuelan Government manages to keep the socialist health system functioning, “despite the situation of drowning of the empire,” he said.

The U.S. has continued its attempts to send Venezuela-bound humanitarian aid to allies in the Caribbean and Colombia, attempting to import the items without state approval under the guise of a philanthropic gesture. Last week, both the International Red Cross and the Red Crescent refused to participate in the operation and override Venezuelan mandate.

Russia also denounced the U.S. President Donald Trump’s interventionist attempts. On Thursday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova denounced the U.S. ‘humanitarian convoy’ as a cover for preparation for military operation out of Cucuta, Colombia.

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova’s Remarks on the Situation in Venezuela

According to the spokeswoman, the United States has already chosen a “scenario of acute confrontation” in Venezuela, which has as its main objective to try to influence the Venezuelan Army.