President Maduro to the European Union: We Do Not Accept Anyone’s Ultimatum President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, reiterated on Sunday his rejection of the ultimatum presented by the European Union (EU) last weekend, in which they demanded the Venezuelan government to call elections within eight days .

“We do not accept anyone’s ultimatum. It’s as if I told the EU: I give it seven days to recognize the Republic of Catalonia, or we are not going to take action. International politics can not be based on ultimatums. That is the time of the empires, of the colonies, “said the head of state during an interview with the Spanish program Salvados, broadcast on Antena 3.

He denounced that the ultimatum of the EU responds to the interventionist line promoted by the United States, which aims to execute a coup in Venezuela.

“The United States knew that they could not win me the elections. They did not win us the presidential elections and since January 2018 their spokesmen declared that they were not going to recognize any electoral process in Venezuela and they were positioning the strategy that they are carrying out today. Many of the European leaders who end up obediently assuming the US strategy hurt themselves and do damage to Venezuela, “he said.

In this regard, he described as “fake” the head of government of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, who took office after the dismissal of Mariano Rajoy through a motion of censure.

“Pedro Sánchez is a fake. It is he who has not been elected by anyone. I have been elected and reelected by popular votes. We have won 23 elections in 20 years, of 25. Pedro Sánchez should be the one to call elections so that the Spanish people can choose who their president is. He is an unelected president. This is what I think automatically and I think that all the Spanish people think about it, “he stressed.

Despite the pressures of some European countries to align with the US strategy, last 31 the European economic body created an International Contact Group for the lack of consensus to set a position on the situation in Venezuela, where the deputy in contempt , Juan Guaidó, proclaimed himself president with the support of the United States.

Similarly, he asserted that the interventionist actions carried out by the Donald Trump administration respond to a twentieth-century policy in which the coups of military states were imposed, as was done in Vietnam, Cambodia or Iraq, as well as during the so-called Arab Spring, which had the support of the US and ended up destroying countries like Libya.

“Stop, Donald Trump. You are making mistakes that are going to stain your hands with blood. In the end they want to return to a twentieth century of military coups d’état, of puppet governments subordinated to their commanders and of plundering our natural resources. And that is unfeasible: the 21st century is advanced. Latin America and the Caribbean can not be the backyard of the United States, “he said.

Despite the aggressions, the Venezuelan head of state reiterated his commitment to a dialogue with the US government in order to seek a peaceful solution in the country.

“We believe in diplomacy, in dialogue, in understanding. I have made a thousand private and public proposals to the government of the United States for respectful relations, but the white supremacy that governs the White House, absolutely despises our governments and peoples, disregards any possibility of respect, of dialogue. I continue to insist on the need, sooner rather than later, in a respectful dialogue between the US administration and us, “he said.

“The door is open to dialogue, to understanding, to respect for the independence of Venezuela. The door is open to a thousand formulas for that understanding, “he added during the interview.

In this regard, he said that the peoples of the world, especially the United States, are expressing their solidarity with the Venezuelan government and demanding that Trump stop a possible military intervention against the nation.

“Rest assured that the wave that is rising of consciousness and solidarity in the United States, will not allow that supremacist government to attack Venezuela,” he said.

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