Venezuela: Resistance or Surrender

Miguel Angel Ferrer

Faced with the ferocious harassment of Washington and its European and Latin American vassals, Nicolás Maduro has only two paths: to surrender and suffer the fate of Muammar Qadaffi, or to resist and preserve the Chavista revolution. And seen as a country, the alternatives are the same: to resist victoriously or to disappear as a sovereign nation.

Resistance or Surrender

There are many recent examples of victorious resistance to the threats of imperialism: Iran, Cuba, Vietnam, Syria, North Korea, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Russia, China and Mexico (with the exception of the neoliberal period). And farther in time there are the cases of the Soviet Union facing the aggression of Nazi Germany, not forgetting the victory of Tsarist Russia over the Napoleonic invasion and the Mexican triumph over the French intervention in 1862-1867.

Resistance, of course, entails costs and suffering. And all the more so if an armed invasion is to be faced. But there is no doubt that the costs and suffering involved in returning to a colonial situation are infinitely greater. That is why the peoples are struggling to shake off the foreign yoke.

As in the case of Spain, which for 800 years fought against Arab domination, which surely has not been forgotten by Don Pedro Sánchez, president of the Spanish government. And like, in the opposite case, the sad situation of Puerto Rico, which in spite of its yearning for independence is still a Yankee colony, after having been Hispanic domination for more than 300 years.

Venezuela, therefore, has no choice but to resist imperial harassment. Because surrender is not on the agenda of the Bolivarian people. But the U.S. thinks it will be possible for them to overcome that resistance. And that is why it increases political, economic, and diplomatic harassment, as well as threats and threats of military invasion.

But, in addition, Chavismo and Maduro know that surrendering to the empire would only lead, 45 years later, to the re-edition of the Pinochet behavior of revenge and collection of accounts from the patriots, with its thousands of assassinated, imprisoned, persecuted, tortured, exiled and retaliated. A re-edition, likewise, of Franco’s revenge against the republicans defeated by fascist troops and the weapons of Nazi Germany.

No one in the ranks of Chavismo can sensibly think that the right will forgive the grievance of popular insubordination of the last 20 years. And even less can they believe that despite false promises and offers of amnesty, the oligarchy will forgive, forget and leave unpunished the soldiers who passed by the people.