Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza Exposes Reality of Venezuela During an Interview with La Tercera de Chile

Simon Garcia

This Thursday, the Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza, presented the reality of the country through an interview with La Tercera de Chile.

Also, the Venezuelan Foreign Minister clarified that in Venezuela there is a large media operation against the people and the Bolivarian Government, setting as an example that the country receive alleged tourists who then turn to be journalists without any type of accreditation wanting to enter to the Miraflores Palace.

“In Venezuela there is legislation regardfing that fact, and all the international media know, you have to do a preliminary procedure before the Venezuelan Consulate in that country so that the journalist will get his work visa and later the accreditation”.

“These communicators who were in the outskirts of the Miraflores Palace did not have any type of accreditation or work visa, and what was done is what is done anywhere in the world, when a person has an irregular immigration process, placing them under the order of the immigration service and returning them to their country”, specified the Venezuelan diplomat.

On the other hand, Foreign Minister Arreaza indicated that the appointments of alleged diplomatic representatives in other countries, on behalf of deputy Guaidó, is part of a media show that the National Government is not interested in.

“The truth is that we are concentrated in the country that wants to attack Venezuela (US) even militarily, this has no validity, only has the support of the mainstream media”, he said.

In this sense, Chief of the Foreign Ministry, denounced that the Venezuelan opposition has incurred in the unconstitutional ways, “is an imaginary government led by and from the United States where they make the decisions for a coup d’etat”.

“The government of President Nicolás Maduro has always been open to dialogue with the United States and the Venezuelan opposition, even knowing their insubordination, we promote dialogue, politics is done through dialogue, politics is fundamentally that, agreements, negotiation without giving in to the principles, the policy is not to be carried away by a country in order to have control of the wealth as the Venezuelan opposition is doing”, he affirmed.

In turn, he said that the National Government has the constitutionality that protects it to continue governing.

“We are governing, we have effective and absolute control, we have the constitution, this is the Bolivarian National Armed Force that is with the constitution, what we are going to do is to continue advancing and governing, and I hope that the Venezuelan political opposition will loose the chains of imperialism and we can sit as Venezuelans, with or without mediation, and agree on the future of the country”.