A Call to Unity Against Imperial Aggression: Democratic Front in Defense of National Sovereignty

The United States, who lead the hybrid war against Venezuela, has begun the steps of what it considers the final offensive on our homeland. They have been announcing the actions that they will take, that we must understand, and against which we must organize and act.

First, they have declared the intensification of the economic war with the theft of 7 billion dollars, the attack on Citgo, a subsidiary of PDVSA in the United States to keep the money that comes from there. They want to finish suffocating our economy. The right wing has celebrated each of the announcements, both the attacks and the alms that they say will give: 20 million dollars, which is a tiny part of everything that was and will be stolen.

Secondly, they have made a great effort to diplomatically isolate the government, they have added their allies to the intervention plan, and within a few days the European Union, in its colonial and threatening position, will recognize Guaidó as interim president. The bloc articulated around the United States, its foreign policy and interests, will thus be conformed.

Thirdly, they are looking internally to achieve institutional fractures, particularly within our Bolivarian National Armed Force, relying on what they consider to be the effects of the threat of direct war, along with psychological and communicational warfare operations. They need to break the FANB for their purpose.

Faced with this situation, we must deploy our efforts in each of the fields. Politically, we must set up a democratic front in defense of national sovereignty, of all the forces that are willing to come out in front of the pretensions of a servile right-wing that does not recognize any national interest, as well as of imperialism that seeks to subdue us in order to dominate in each one of the terrains.

This necessary political unity must be given with openness so that each force can speak, contribute its ideas, at the same time as contributing its accumulation of forces, of concrete constructions in the territories, militias, youths, women, that is to say not only in the discursive.

The moment in which we live requires us to take this step urgently: unity, unity and more unity. It is time for political, civic-military unity, for the deployment of all the strength of Chavismo, of the Venezuelan patriotic people who are not willing to see the right hand over the country with a smile, and how the United States prepares its next actions to dominate and suffocate us. The time is now.

National Coordination of the Bolivar and Zamora Revolutionary Current – CRBZ
Translation by Internationalist 360°