Venezuela Faces Coup Ordered by US, Lima Group Ahead of Inauguration

In a press conference delivered to local and international media, the president of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro said Wednesday that a coup against the country is underway.

“A coup is underway, ordered from Washington (capital of the U.S.), ordered from the Lima Cartel (Lima Group), in Venezuela, and I tell you: the Venezuelan people will know how to respond to any attempt, any intentions that are intended today or tomorrow. (…) The Bolivarian Revolution has been preparing to confront and defeat any traitor who intends to violate life in Venezuela.”

The president added that any attempt against democracy should face justice system, the constitution and the power of the union between civilians and the military.

During a press conference on national television from the Miraflores Palace in Caracas, the Bolivarian leader affirmed that the country is in a moment of definitions, and accused the media and the countries of turning his inauguration for a constitutional second term into a world war.

“What we have seen in recent weeks is unparalleled, the extremist forces against Venezuela have been unleashed,” said Nicolas Maduro, saying that the only objective of these operations is to destabilize and fill Venezuela with violence, confusion and chaos “to seize its riches and change the course of history.”

In addition, he accused the so-called Lima Group of being a “cartel of mafia interests”, commanded by the United States and of violating the rules of international coexistence through issuing the declaration of last Friday, which he categorized as being an “order” from the Venezuelan opposition.

His press conference comes just a day ahead of taking the oath for his second term (2019-2025), after winning the presidential elections on May 20, 2018 with 67.84 percent of the vote. Several world leaders are expected to attend the inauguration as well as several delegations from around the world.

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Venezuela Delivers Protest Note to ‘Lima Group’ Countries

The Venezuelan Minister of Foreign Affairs Jorge Arreaza will deliver a protest note on Wednesday to 12 of the 14 countries of the so-called Lima Group for their interventionist declaration made in the framework of the inauguration of President Nicolas Maduro.

The Top Venezuelan diplomat said the protest note communicates Venezuela’s rejection of the interventionist actions of this group, sponsored by the United States.

Last Friday, the Lima Group made up of some Latin American countries, together with the U.S.. and Canada issued a resolution in which they requested that the Venezuelan head of state not assume his new mandate and transfer it to the National Assembly, which has been in judicial contempt since 2016, so that it calls for new presidential elections.

President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro said that after being legitimately elected, he will go to be swearing in this Thursday, Jan. 10 before the Supreme Court of Justice, as mandated by the Venezuelan constitution.

Several world leaders including the Bolivian President, Evo Morales and Cuban Miguel Diaz-Canel will be attending along with representatives of social movements and business organizations from Canada, Peru, Argentina, Guatemala.