Statement of the Libyan National Popular Movement On the Forty-ninth Anniversary of the Onset of the Great First of September Revolution

Statement of the Libyan National Popular Movement
On the Forty-ninth Anniversary of the Onset of the Great
First of September Revolution

The Libyan National Popular Movement, with the steadfast Libyan people, its active forces and the free world, celebrates the forty-ninth anniversary of the First of September 1969 Revolution, led by the heroic martyr Muammar Gaddafi and his fellow Free Unionist Officers. This revolution brought to an end imperialist periods from the Turkish Injustice, through the oppression of the fascist colonial Italian colonialization to that of the allies, hidden behind a rogue regime that was protected by foreign bases and Italian settlers, and administered through the embassies of victorious countries in World War II.

The First of September Revolution defined in a national statement its goals and principles of freedom, socialism and unity and launched the battle of national liberation by expelling colonial bases. It established a national authority in Libya and joined arms with the movement of national struggle, becoming a spearhead in the serious struggle for the liberation of Palestine and the call for unity and; extended its hand to the global liberation movement, making Libya a base and a haven for all movements of liberation, resistance to racism and imperialism.

The Revolution launched a giant development project that transformed Libya in a few years from one of the poorest countries in the world to a modern state moving forward. As a result, the base of education expanded to reach all Libyans and advanced services in all sectors spread, so that Libya was considered a developed country according to international reports.

However, due to the First of September Revolution’s policy against colonialism and intervention, the imperialist countries made every effort to overthrow it and made-up many conspiracies to achieve this goal. These attempts failed owing to the statesmanship and wisdom of the leadership of the revolution, and because of the popular support it enjoyed. This forced the imperialist countries to use all their military, economic, media and diplomatic might in a NATO military intervention in 2011, the most vast and powerful after the Second World War, to destroy the achievements of the Libyan people and to topple the historical First of September Revolution and the Jamahiriya regime.

As we celebrate this occasion, the Libyan National Popular Movement asks Allah to bestow his blessings and mercy on the heroic martyrs who fell in defense of Libya and the dignity of its people, at the forefront of whom was the martyr Muammar Gaddafi and the heroic martyr Abu Bakr Younis Jaber, as well as all the martyrs of the Free Unionist Officers’ Movement, cadres of the Libyan Arab Armed Forces and the civil heroes of the Libyan people.

The Movement salutes the steadfastness and perseverance of the Libyan people and the continuation of its revolutionary struggle to overthrow the conspiracy that has produced false and failed political formations directed by Western powers. These political non-systems have transformed Libya into a base of terrorism and crime by unleashing terrorist militias, infamous for using kidnapping and killing to drain the country’s economic resources and disrupt production, returning Libya to underdevelopment, bankruptcy, affliction and poverty. They have also lead to the loss of security and peace, deterioration of all values, collapse of all principles and the relapse of struggle against global imperialism.

As it exercises its struggle for the restoration of the country, the Movement salutes the efforts of the Libyan Arab Armed Forces and their sacrifices in defending Libya, purging it of terrorism and crime, restoring hope to the Libyan people in retrieving a free and dignified life and, overcoming the conspiracy by overthrowing the Brotherhood-imperialist project in the region.

The Movement takes this opportunity to declare to the masses of the Libyan people, the Arab nation and the free world the following:

First, we honor and take pride in the First of September Revolution; strongly believe in its everlasting principles and are determined to continue the struggle to liberate the homeland from foreign intervention to enable the people to determine their own destiny and impose their will.

Second, Libya is the homeland for all Libyans without any exception or exclusion, for no powerful entity will be able to impose its will on the Libyans. It calls for resolving the crisis resulting from the conspiracy peacefully through dialogue among the Libyans, realization of a genuine reconciliation among them and, accomplishment of an accord on the future of the homeland by enabling the Libyans to realize their free will.

Third, we reject any role for the provincial militias and demand that they hand over their weapons to the Libyan Armed Forces and the security services.

Fourth, we reject the attempts by the West to impose guardianship through political maneuvers and partial agreements. We believe that the solution lies in the extension of security by the Libyan Arab armed forces throughout the country, disarmament of militias and individuals and, the establishment of an interim authority agreed upon by the Libyans, which has as its sole purpose the provision of opportunities to the Libyan people to agree on the mechanism and tools of the new regime.

Fifth, we call for the immediate and unconditional release of all prisoners held by authorities void of any right to detain them and we call on the international community to put pressure on the tools that it had enabled to take control of Libya to speed up such process and holds it accountable for their security and safety.

In conclusion, the Libyan National Popular Movement calls upon the Libyan people and all political forces to commemorate the anniversary of the First of September Revolution with due respect and appreciation, and to glorify its leaders and symbols because it is a great chapter in Libya’s history, which had seen very repressive periods until the onset of this glorious day.

Glory to the Martyrs …
Glory to the Great First of September Revolution
Freedom for the Homeland … and Sovereignty for the People

The Libyan National Popular Movement
Benghazi 31/08/2018